After gracing us with her lovely pictures from 'Queen Insoo' comes a bad news.

On the 14th of November it was reported that T-ara's Eunjung fell off the horse during their filming for the upcoming jTBC drama 'Queen Insoo'.

Core Contents Media stated, "Eunjung is now in the hospital and was already given painkillers. She has been already examined by the doctor but we're still waiting for the results. Their filming schedules will be adjusted accordingly."

T-ara is scheduled to comeback this week starting on M!Countdown this Thursday, November 17th. Let's pray for Eunjung and hope that's its not something serious.

Welcome to T-AraWorld's feature post, "T-Ara meets the World!"

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T-ara Hwayoung meets the World!

It's busy as it is for the girls of T-ara and it will get a lot more hectic once they made their comeback this week.

But because they love what they are doing they don't have any complains just like Hwayoung who shared, "Huuu~~even if it's tiring, with energy!!!! I'm Hwayoung who has no complaints~"

Core Contents Media is preparing another surprise for the fans, the company has just announced that T-ara will be releasing a a Dance Version music video for 'Cry Cry'.

The girls will be shooting the said Dance MV which will feature their choreography on the 15th of November in the suburbs of Seoul.  The company decided to make one after receiving so much request from the fans.

In addition to this, T-ara will also be revealing a music video for the ballad version of 'Cry Cry''.

The dance version MV of 'Cry Cry' will be released on the 17th of November and on the same day T-ara will also make their comeback on Mnet's M!Countdown.

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