T-ara Eunjung at the Open Filming of 'Queen Insoo'

Posted by nearnine November 19, 2011

On the 19th of November jTBC's drama 'Queen Insoo' has opened their filming to the press.

This drama which is expected to air on the 3rd of December stars T-ara's very own Ham Eunjung who will be playing  the younger version of Queen Insooalong with other actors and actresses like Chae Shi-Ra, Kim Yeong-Ho, Kim Mi-Sook, Jin Ji-Hee and more.

Check out Eunjung's photos from their open filming below..

It's time to love and it's time for T-ara to make their comeback on Music Core!

Check out T-ara's 'Cry Cry' performance below..

T-ara Hyomin's sleepless nights/days will soon be over as this week is gonna be their last filming week for her drama 'GyeBaek'.

Hyomin shared, "Recording the comeback stage in the morning.. and with Gyebaek filming in the afternoon this is my fourth day of staying up.... Gyebaek's last week of filming is this week. I'll hang in there and work hard until the end.  Whew~ the kid's mother is tiredㅜㅜ"

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