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Posted by nearnine November 22, 2011

Welcome to T-AraWorld's feature post, "T-Ara meets the World!"

This is how it goes, you the readers of this site are part of the "WORLD" and everyday we will feature a picture of one T-Ara member and all you need to do is leave a comment.  In one word describe our featured member or tell us what went to your mind after you saw her picture.
T-ara Hyomin meets the World!

From Japan with love T-ara's Jiyeon has shared a new photo.

Cutie Jiyeon expressed, "Long hair in such a long time~ Short cut...long hair...short cut..long.. Dilemmaㅠㅠ.."

So which one do you prefer? Jiyeon in short hair or long hair? Check out her photo below..

T-ara's Hyomin surely gained a lot of experience and friends from the drama 'GyeBaek' but what she lost were sleep and rest.  Thankfully their drama has now ended which means she can now have more rest compared before.

The drama series might have ended but I'm sure the memories they shared together will be there forever.

Check out Hyomin's photos with the cast of 'GyeBaek' which will air its final episode today.

The hard working girls of T-ara are now on the move again after arriving in Japan yesterday.

Despite the cold weather seven TV programs and nine magazine spreads are ahead of their schedules.

All we can do is wish them all the best while Qri could only say, "It's cold, isn't it."

Before they left for Japan, T-ara Qri also expressed her gratitude towards the fans who sent them the beautiful and delicious lunch boxes.

Qri wrote, "Filled up my stomach with the lunchboxes that were sent today as well. Thank you T-ara Gallery♥".

South Korean TV drama series Dream High which is currently being broadcasted now Japan now haves their iPhone/iPad application which contains the pictures of the cast and even some more goodies.

Check out Yoon Baek Hee's photos below, the character portrayed by T-ara's Eunjung's~

Earlier today we saw Hyomin leaving for Japan with the other members of T-ara and that only means that she has finished her commitments to 'GyeBaek'.

Look who got T-ara's albums, check out Hyomin's photos with the cast of 'GyeBaek' below..

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