T-ara Soyeon loves Rinka's Style

Posted by nearnine November 24, 2011

Still in Japan, T-ara Soyeon snapped a picture with the fashion book titled, "I Love Rinka Style - All Girl's Fashion Icon".

Soyeon shared, "Next time, I want to buy Fujii Lena's as well...♥"

Don't miss her cute photo as well..

T-ara's Qri has revealed a new photo and this time its with Soyeon.

Qri playfully wrote, "With my dongsaeng Kim Makarong(with 내 동생 김마카롱)

Take a look at their sweet photo below..

Qri's Twitter

Following their awesome feat on Gaon Chart, T-ara has also debut on Billboard Korea's 'KPop Hot 100' for the 4th week of November.

T-ara debuts on 4th place which means their song 'Cry Cry' is number 4 in terms of airplay and sales gains this week while their song, 'Goodbye' is on the 54th.


Here's the Top 10 for this week.
1. Wonder Girls - Be My Baby
2. Hug Gak - All I Can Say is, I Want To ...
3. Ulala Session - The Western SKy
4. T-ara - Cry Cry
5. Noel - I miss You
6. SNSD - The Boys
7. Lee Seunggi - Friends
8. Ulala Session - Swing Baby
9. Brown Eyed Girls - Cleansing Cream
10. Busker Busker - Makgeolli-Na

Tip by manciabrito

In part of their 'YaYaYa' promotions in Japan, the girls of T-ara came out to promote their newest single in their interview with Japan's Nagoya TV.

Check out their cut below..

Gaon Chart which is the national chart of South Korea and is aimed to equal Japan's Oricon Charts and Billboard in the United States.

Gaon has revealed their ranking for the 3rd week of November and it placing on the top spot are the hard working girls of T-ara!

Congratulations T-ara, you girls deserve it!

Meanwhile the girls are still in T-ara for their Japanese promotions, they will be back on the 25th of November to continue their 'Cry Cry' promotions on KBS' Music Bank.

The lovely girls of T-ara are back with their newest pictures from Tony Moly.

Check out their card set from Tony Moly China below..

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