T-ara's Hyomin and Soyeon with their cute photos

Posted by nearnine November 26, 2011

T-ara cuties, Hyomin and Soyeon are back with their newest pair of SelCas.

(SelCa = Self Camera)
Hyomin also shared, "Everyone try learning the Cry Cry choreography It will naturally smoothen out anyone's wrinkles~".

Check out their cute and charming photos below..

Hyomin's twitter
Trans by diademtweets

Because of their schedules our idols don't have the luxury to do other things that they want when they want to but if they will be given a chance here's Hwayoung's to-do list.

Hwayoung wrote, "Fashion magazine, DSLR, macadamia chocolate, Ferrero Rocher, moist chocolate chip, almond pepero, sleep, vacation, crabmeat cream spaghetti, cream risotto, cheese pork cutlet, Pizza Hut, medium-rare steak, nail shop, skincare, Jeolado Gwangju, shopping with Hyoyoung ㅠㅠ I want to eat it all I want to do it all~~"

Furthermore Hwayoung also shared, "My hair grew so fast;;; The hairstyle is fine but the strands of hair keep poking me in my eye!!!! -_-..kkeung"

After debuting on the 4th place last week, T-ara's 'Cry Cry' has claimed the top spot on Billboard's KPop Hot 100 Music Chart for the first week of December.

Congratulations T-ara!!!

Here's the top 10 for the first week of December.

1. T-ara - Cry Cry
2. Wonder Girls - Be My Baby
3. Busker Busker - People in Seoul
4. Ulala Session- The Western Sky
5. Huh Gak - All I can say is, I want to..
6. Noel - I Miss You
7. Kim Dong Ryul - Replay
8. SNSD - The Boys
9. Dynamic Duo - Girl
10. Lee Seunggi - Friends


Check out T-ara's video and photos from the recently held '32nd Blue Dragon Film Awards'.

T-ara might be in Korea as of now but their 'YaYaYa' promotion in Japan doesn't stop there.

In fact they left something to the job for them while they are away and that is their promotional truck..

T-ara's 2nd Japanese single 'YaYaYa' will be released in Japan on the 30th of November and you can now PREORDER HERE.

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