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Posted by nearnine December 1, 2011

Welcome to T-AraWorld's feature post, "T-Ara meets the World!"

This is how it goes, you the readers of this site are part of the "WORLD" and everyday we will feature a picture of one T-Ara member and all you need to do is leave a comment.  In one word describe our featured member or tell us what went to your mind after you saw her picture.
T-ara Boram meets the World!

The trailer for T-ara Eunjung's drama wherein she will portray the young version Queen Insoo has been revealed.

The drama will air its first episode on the 3rd of December and for now let's check out their trailer.

Trailer # 2


Trailer # 1

Despite their hectic schedules its good to see that the girls still have some time for fun.

T-ara's Boram recently shared a funny picture featuring their manager along with a playful message saying, "The bear is riding on top of a panda bear(°⌓°)..."

Check out the Pandas below, I mean the picture.. ^^

Tony Moly~ Tony Tony Moly~ Should they do a song for this brand to endorse it?

I think there's no need because their beauty alone is more than enough~

Check out Hyomin and Boram's newest promotional pictures for Tony Moly below..

T-ara's Jiyeon shows off her beauty and youthful charm for Korea's Breeze magazine.

Check out the snapshot from the magazine below..

What to expect from T-ara's 2nd Japanese Single, 'YaYaYa'?

Well, aside from the track list which includes the Japanese version of 'YaYaYa', the Korean version of 'Roly Poly' and the instrumentals of the two tracks.

Here's what you can expect, check out the scans from T-ara's 2nd Japanese Single, 'YaYaYa' below..

 12/1/11 Update


T-ara is currently in Tokyo for their 'YaYaYa' promotions and if there's a thing that they didn't forget to bring, that's got to be their cuteness!

Boram recently shared her pictures with all the members along with her message saying "T-ara in Tokyo (•̥̑ .̮ •̥̑)♥♡" while T-ara Hyomin also added "What I scribbled...ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Sharpies are magical".

T-ara in Tokyo (•̥̑ .̮ •̥̑)♥♡

If you are in Japan and you are lucky enough, you might have the chance to meet the girls of T-ara.

But maybe you don't need luck to meet them because they are all over the metro, their posters perhaps.

Check out their posters from Japan below as shared by Hyomin who wrote, "Let's meet at the subways in Japan"

Hyomin's Twitter
Trans by diademtweets

The waiting is over as T-ara has finally revealed the Teaser MV for 'Lovey Dovey'!

Without further ado here's the teaser for T-ara's Lovey Dovey MV which will be released on the 24th..

As everyone has expected, T-ara's Jiyeon had a surgery and she used Qri's face~

 Share thoughts about the teaser below~

LoenEnt for the up

After merely 3 weeks we now have our winner from T-ara World's first giveaway, "T-ara the fourth mini-album, 'Black Eyes' Giveaway!"

How the winner was chosen
1. The winner was chosen at random.
2. The comments here have their corresponding numbers. 
At the end of the contest period, all comments have been sorted from Oldest First.

We received 152 Entries and with the help of Random.org, we now have our Lucky Winner!

The Random Number Generator has generated the number 46!

And that is Adiguna Prawira from Indonesia!!  
(Please mention us through Twitter as soon as you read this.)

Congratulations your album is now on its way!! 

Sorry I can't think of a better message XD, I added Happy Holidays because I think it might take 7-14 days before the album reaches you, just in time for Christmas ^^

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