T-ara is back in Korea!

Posted by nearnine December 4, 2011

T-ara is back in Korea after their short promotions and guestings in Japan.  Yes, their performance from today's Inkigayo was a prerecorded one.

Along with this, Qri expressed, "We're in Korea ^^ I see Inkigayo is onㅎㅎ" while Soyeon shared, "My cold isn't going away that quickly >ㅅ<; But don't worry * I'll hang in there ! hehe" through their twitter.

Check out their photos from the airport below..

T-ara is back with another hot stage on Inkigayo!

Check out their 'Cry Cry' performance from this week's show below..

20 more days to go before T-ara releases their music video for 'Lovey Dovey', still a long way to go, right?

While waiting here are some of T-ara's photos from the "Club Scene" of their Lovey Dovey MV..


T-ara's Boram has shared another cute SelCa showing what she had this morning.

She cutely wrote, "This morning Qoo ㅡ(๑´ڡ`๑)Ka" check out her photo below..

Boram's Twitter

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