More goodies from 'Sudden Attack' featuring T-ara have been revealed!

Continuing from their making film and their pictures, here's their intro and T-ara's voices from 'Sudden Attack'.

You can experience this first hand, on Sudden Attack's official site.

MBN's 'Show! K-Music' which was held last December 6th has been finally aired today and yeah Eunjung is in this one!

Check out T-ara's 'Cry Cry' performance from the show below..

As part of their promotions for their 2nd Single in Japan, the girls have come out to promote 'YaYaYa' on Japan's 'Happy Music'.

Check out T-ara's performance below~

From their fun and cute dubbing session for the online game called 'Sudden Attack' here are the members of T-ara with their deadly pictures from the said game.

Check out their hot photos below..

T-ara recently sat for an interview with TV Chosun where they talked about their 'Cry Cry' music video, their promotions in Japan and more.

Check out their interview below..  (Aigoo~ no Eunjung again)

Here comes another 'Cry Cry' performance from T-ara that will make Eunjung's fan cry because she's still not here because of her drama 'Queen Insoo'.

Check out their performance below..

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