T-ara Eunjung's cuts from 'Queen Insoo'

Posted by nearnine December 11, 2011

The fourth episode of 'Queen Insoo' which stars Eunjung has aired today but don't get too excited just yet, Eunjung's bathtub scene from 'Queen Insoo' which we posted earlier is not in this episode, look's like we'll have to wait another week for it.

Check out Eunjung's cuts from 'Queen Insoo' below..

T-ara's Eunjung has been missing in a lot of their performances lately. The reason? She's busy filming her drama titled 'Queen Insoo'.

Recently, still shots from the upcoming episode of the drama featuring Eunjung in her bathtub scene were released.  It was also revealed that they shot the scene on the 10th in freezing weather, despite that Eunjung managed to pull it off showing how hard working she is, thus earning the praise of the staff members.

Eunjung also commented, "It was my very first bath scene and I was embarrassed. It was also tiring because of the cold weather, but I did my best. I hope I turn out looking graceful when it airs."

Check out her flawless photos below..

T-ara Eunjung plays the role of the 'Young Queen Insoo', the drama is about the ill-fated relationship between three nobles who compete with one another to gain political power. The drama begins with the 5th generation king Moon Jong to the 10th generation king Yeon San. Queen Insoo becomes the mother of King Seong-Jong, the 9th generation King of Joseon.

To wrap up the week, here's the hot performance of Jiyeon, Hyomin, Qri, Boram, Soyeon, Eunjung and Hwayoung on today's Inkigayo!

Check out T-ara's 'Cry Cry' performance below..

Up by EndofCCC

From the set of MBC's We Got Married, T-ara Eunjung's fun photos have been revealed.

Not sure if she is a fan or a staff of We Got Married but here's what the lucky girl revealed, "Proof shots of petting Eunjungie at the campsiteㅋ I looked so horrible that day ㅠㅠ Eunjungie told me I could put my faith in Pudding Camera (T/N: photo app) but I still thought that this wasn't it so ㅋ mosaic!"

Check out Eunjung's photos below..

T-ara Hyomin continues to show her love for SNSD's Sunny.

She has just revealed a new picture revealing, "Swallows drink^^ Starting the morning feeling reassured~~ *thumbs up*"

This is what keeps Hyomin going despite their hectic schedule, the Vita500 drink or SNSD's Sunny? ^^

Additionally Hyomin has once again changed her profile picture~ *cute*

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