T-ara has met the World!

Posted by nearnine December 12, 2011

Our feature post, 'T-ara Meets the World' has finally reached the 100th mark and that concludes it!

It started back in July and over the past months we have seen the different sides of T-ara members through their pictures.

To wrap it up here are their pictures with actress Shim Eun Kyung..

If you missed the 100 posts, you can check them here.

We'll think of another feature post to replace this and if you think you have a good idea, feel free to share it and leave your comments below.

From T-ara's video to their pictures.

Here are T-ara's pictures from the filming of their upcoming new show titled 'Pretty Boys for T-ara'.

As we have posted a few weeks ago, T-ara will be having a new variety show titled 'Pretty Boys for T-ara'.

They have started filming the show and here is their short interview from their first filming which was held at Hongdae's Club Mansion.

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