T-ara's cut from KBS' Gag Concert

Posted by nearnine December 18, 2011

If you're looking for laughter, you came to the right place!

T-ara shows off their strength...strength in? Check out their cut from KBS' Gag Concert below..

(T-ara enters at 4:30 but you shouldn't miss the whole skit because it was a lot of fun)

Where did Hyomin got her sense of fashion?  Of course it's from her Mother, in fact what she wore from 15 years ago is still IN, specially if worn by her precious daughter.

Hyomin revealed "The fashion items I've been into lately are my mom's clothes!!! There's actually a lot that look okay if you look~carefully! This is a wool sweater my mom wore 15 years ago~^^"

T-ara Hyomin has shared a new batch of SelCas which somehow reveals that she's missing her long hair.

She just wrote, 'Long hair.....' along with her gorgeous pictures.

Hyomin's Twitter

T-ara's Soyeon has recently disclosed her beloved "Dongsaeng"~ It's time to meet Soyeon's cute puppy Kim Maro~

Soyeon expressed in her series of tweets, "Hi? Kim Maro.♥"

Followed by "Kim Maro...♥ Is your fate really staying at home alone the whole week.....?" and ended it with "My dongsaeng Kim Maro is... a girl >ㅅ<; pft"

GSTV shows their love for T-ara and their hottest track up to date, 'Cry Cry'.

Check out their interview after the cut..

Up by lalalaprone

It's time to watch T-ara's performance from the today's Inkigayo.

Check out their 'Cry Cry' performance plus their campaign song which aims to promote polite manners and friendliness.


The poster for 'Roly Poly Musical' has just been revealed!

The Musical will star T-ara's Soyeon, Hyomin and Jiyeon along with other artists like Lee Jangwoo and Davichi's Kang Min Kyung, it will run from the 13th of January up to the 25th of February next year.

Check out their promotional poster below..

To celebrate Hwayoung's Anniversary fans have sent her some presents that made Hwayoung's day.

He thanked their fans by uploading a new SelCa but prior to this she also expressed, "When I woke up I noticed that these were delivered by our manager oppa!! They're presents from fans congratulating me on my first debut anniversary ㅠㅠTouchedㅋㅋ It's like getting presents from Santa~~Thank you~!!^^ Break it~~come on come on!!!ㅎㅎ".

Take a look at Hwayoung's beautiful photo below..

I'm sure you already had a good laugh with T-ara's cuts from their newest variety show but here's more for you!

Check out Soyeon, Boram and Hyomin's cuts from 'Sebakwi'..

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