From Mnet's M Cut Exclusive here's T-ara Hwayoung, Soyeon and Hyomin's cuts.

Check out their cuts below and witness their cuteness specially Hwayoung's..

Are you familiar with the Manga/Anime 'One Piece'?  If not, let T-ara's Boram introduce them to you.

Boram has recently tweeted a photo revealing her goodies from 'One Piece' and it looks like she is fond of Chopper as well.  She also shared, "wanted the bags so much that I quicklyㅡ" bought them ( ‾ʖ̫‾)♥"

Check it out..

On the 20th of December, It has been announced that label-mates T-ara and Davichi will be releasing their Digital Single, a ballad song titled 'We Were In Love' on the 24th of December. That's gonna be a great Christmas gift for their fans.

Prior to this it has been also announced that T-ara will appear as guests on Davichi's 'Bright as JADE' concert which will be held on the 27th of December so them performing this on the concert has a great probability.

December 24th is date! Mark your calendars T-ara fans, it's the same date that they will release their music video for Lovey Dovey.

Star News

A night before T-ara's Christmas Concert in Japan which will be held today, December 20th, in Tokyo's Shinagawa Stella Ball, T-ara Qri has revealed her cute and shy SelCa.

Check out Qri's lovely photo below..

Following their concert today, T-ara will also have their Christmas Concert in Nagoya's Zepp Nagyo on the 21st and on Osaka's Zepp Osaka on the 22nd.

Qri's Twitter

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