Probably one of the most adorable siblings, twin-sisters Hwayoung and Hyoyoung has once again showed their close relationship.

Through her recent update, Hwayoung revealed, "My other half Ryu~!! I ate the packed lunch wellㅋㅋ Golden apple, skin care products, and a red vine, great drink good for relieving fatigue~ㅎㅎ Whoa overflowing with energy~! Keureureung~~~~~!!"

That was so heartwarming, isn't it? Check out Hwayoung's adorable photo below..

T-ara Hyomin is back with her brand new hairstyle!

Sporting her new hair which she proudly calls as "Bowl Cut" here's the beautiful, Hyomin..

Hyomin's Twiter

Christmas is here! Let's have some fun, shall we?

Check out T-ara's performances from Music Core's Christmas Special, watch their 'Roly Poly' and 'Cry Cry' stages below...

The postponement of the release of T-ara's 'Lovey Dovey' MV might be the saddest news but here's something to cheer you up.

Check out T-ara's cuts from Japan's 'Gekikara-oh', a show which they recorded last April but was just aired recently..

Planning to buy some goodies in a Tony Moly store near you?  Here's something you shouldn't miss.

Check out the snapshots from Tony Moly's 2012 Calendar with T-ara and Song Joongki.

While we're all fond of T-ara's cuteness and charm here's what caught T-ara's Qri's eyes.

While holding the stuff toy Qri expressed, "You're kind of cute? >.<"

Check out her adorable photos below..

As if we haven't waited long enough, Core Contents Media has now released another disappointing announcement. T-ara's company has revealed that the release of T-ara's music video for 'Lovey Dovey' has been postponed once again, from its original release date which is today, it will now be released on the 2nd of January.

CCM stated, "We originally were going to release the 22-minute long ‘Lovey Dovey’ music video on December 24th, but we have decided to delay its release to January 2nd, 2012. We would like to bow our heads in apology to our fans. We promise that the release date will not change. Once again, we would like to apologize."

The representative continued with "We made the decision to delay it because we felt that the movie wouldn’t receive the spotlight it deserved amidst the year-end awards, T-ara’s ‘Cry Cry‘ promotions, and their collaboration with Davichi. We worked hard to create a music video that won’t embarrass any of you so please look forward to it."

T-ara Hwayoung is back with another adorable SelCa along with a cute story as well.

Hwayoung shared, "Runny nose..fever..sneezing ㅠㅠ I sniffled quickly during my part!! ㅋㅋ Thankfully no one could hear the sniffling sound!! Oh yeah~~~-_-ㅎㅎ Hwaiting!!!!! Keureureung~~"

Check out her photo below as well as their performance from yesterday's Music Bank..

Through her recent tweet, T-ara's Boram expressed her gratitude towards Jiyeon's older brother, Hyojun, who sent her a heartwarming letter.

Boram expressed, "I was so grateful to Hyojunie who wrote a letter and passed it onto Jiyeonnie to give to me on the day we were returning to Korea after hearing that I was having a hard time from an allergic reaction to the food in Japan. Totally touched... thank you Hyojun-ah (-̩̩̩-̩̩̩_-̩̩̩-̩̩̩)"

T/N: "Boram noona, recover from your allergy soon and hwaiting~ ^^-Hyojunie-"

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