The cast of Roly Poly Musical has began their rehearsals for their upcoming shows which will be start on 13th of January up to the 25th of February next year.

Here are the pictures of Soyeon and Jiyeon from their rehearsals..

T-ara's Jiyeon, Hyomin and Soyeon who will star in the upcoming Roly Poly Musical has recently come out on MBC's Section TV to promote it.

Check out their cuts below~

Fresh from their schedule, T-ara's Soyeon has revealed a cute and adorable photo with Boram.

Check out their photo below wherein Soyeon also added, "Now... !!"

Soyeon's Twitter

Excited much for 'Dream High 2' which will star T-ara's Jiyeon? I bet we all are!!

In the drama, Jiyeon will play the role of 'Lian', a member of the idol group called 'HershE'.  'Dream High 2'will also star other artists like Sistar's HyoLyn, Kang Sora, Jinwoon, Kahi and many more.

The drama is expected to air its first episode on the 30th of January and to keep everyone hyped, here's Jiyeon's picture from 'Dream High 2' with her group called 'HershE'...


HyoLyn, Jiyeon and Ailee

Santa Hyomin, Eunjung and Jiyeon have come to town!  Christmas has passed but it's definitely not too late to meet our Santas.

Wearing their Santa outfits, check out Hyomin Eunjung and Jiyeon's promotional pictures for Tony Moly below..


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