February 11, 2012

Following Hyomin, Eunjung and Soyeon's photo with their lucky fans from England, here comes another one.

Check out Hyomin and Soyeon's photo with Diego, T-ara's huge fan from Italy who generously shared his photos and video with T-araWorld.net along with a fancam and an awesome fan account.

First stop are his photos with Hyomin and Soyeon.

Second is a snapshot from T-ara's autograph.

Lastly are his fancam and fan account about his epic encounter with T-ara's Eunjung, Hyomin and Soyeon.

Check out Diego's awesome Fan Account:

My name is Diego and I'm a huge T-ARA fan from Italy.
I would like to share with you a couple of pictures and a video that I took with Hyomin, Soyeon and Eunjung in Paris. How to change a great day into a wonderful day :-)
Since Music Bank moved to Paris, I left for two days my office and moved to France (who cares abot the job if T-ARA are moving to Europe right?). Even 31 years old men love T-ARA :-)))))
The concert was really great and of course "our" favourite girls didn't let us down with their performance (there was also a brief speech from Eunjung before Lovey Dovey.....so cute).
The day after the concert I was just walking around near the Tour Eiffel and..... at first I imagined that was some sort of recording for korean television and then I saw Eunjung with the mic together with Hyomin and also Soyeon. Full-stop (my brain stop functioning......)
Oh,my god, I had three members of the T-ARA in front of me... for REAL!
Of course I have recorded what they were saying with my phone....and then I asked to take a picture with them.
One of the people of the crew asked me if I knew who the girls are. Of course I knew them......... and I said also that I came from Italy only to see them at the concert.
Soyeon said "really?!" with wide opened eyes (awwww, so cute).
Then another question: do you know their names?
Of course I knew, but I was a little bit embarassed because maybe my pronouciation was not so good, but I started with the easy one "Hyomin", then the problem, I thought to have said Eunjung, but maybe I said Eun with a low voice and Hyomin was laughing (I think She said to Eunjung that I called her Jun). Then the last one: I started to say So..... then I said yon, but the face of Soyeon was incredible.... maybe She was afraid that I didn't know her name and started to mimic her name with her lips, but I had already finished to say it :-)))))))
Anyway it was funny.
I asked them a sign and Eunjung took a picture with her mobile together with me.
They were too kind and cute!!!!!

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Many thanks to Mr. Diego from Italy!