May 4, 2012

From their recent event which was held at Odaiba, Tokyo, here are T-ara's cuts from Mezamashi TV's report.

Prior to this T-ara members expressed their appreciation to their fans who came and I think this is what they were referring to.  T-ara's Boram wrote, "It rained heavily today, but in spite of that, Japanese fans graced us with their participation, and it was very good. Thank you very much, I'm grateful. Everyone!!! I ♥ YOU(•ㅅ•)☄*゚*♥" while Jiyeon expressed, "Our Japanese fans came to show their support despite the rain. Thanks to you, it left a deep impression on us, all our fans rock!♥".

T-ara Hyomin  also added, "It rained heavily but the passionate support that we received truly moved us. Please go home early and rest so you don't catch a cold. Let's meet again, with our fans. Fight".