May 19, 2012

t-ara hyomin gang kiz

Name it, looks like T-ara's Hyomin has done all she can do to support her Junior's and CCM's new girl group named "Gang Kiz".  From their music video filming, pictorial, choosing their stage outfits and up to editing their music video, Hyomin has done it all.

Revealed recently, here's a picture of her from the studio where she was seen working hard in editing the 2nd version of Gang Kiz's "Honey Honey" MV.

Of course Hyomin didn't do all the editing but you can see in these pictures that she really tried her best to make her contribution.

Meanwhile if you haven't seen it yet, here are Gang Kiz's "Honey Honey" MV and their debut stage wearing the outfits chosen by Hyomin.

Gang Kiz - "Honey Honey" MV (Version 1)

Gang Kiz - "Honey Honey" MV (Version 2)

Gang Kiz' Debut Stage with "Honey Honey" on Music Bank