A post on the internet recently became a hot topic as someone who claimed to be from T-ara's dance team YAMA&HOTCHICKS revealed that "T-ara's Jiyeon slapped Hwayoung in the practice room" and that the girls "don't want to sit by her in the car so they blatantly play rock, paper, scissors right in front of her face (to decide who sits by her)".

Now, the team captain of the YAMA&HOTCHICKS, Bae Youngjong, has come out saying that the incident is completely false, she stated, "This place is a public location where any outsider or celebrity can freely walk into so such harassment and beatings would have been impossible to have taken place".

T-ara's company also commented, "The malicious things being written on the Internet and in various articles related to T-ara are written without any verification or confirmation".

This is exactly the reason why we don't post all the news you can see on other news sites, posting a false or made-up news by anti-fans will only cause more confusion and panic among the fans.

There's a lot of fake news being made up by anti-fans/haters aiming to take down T-ara.  Please be wise and don't just believe anything you read,  not everything that has been published in the internet is true.