CCM, specially Kim Kwangsoo probably didn't expect the impact of them removing Hwayoung would be this big, and now that it has become so out of control, they have no choice but to temporarily stop T-ara's activities.

On the 31st of July, T-ara's company announced, "In order to prepare for their follow-up song, they will not engage in any schedules at this time.  It's not a suspension of activities, but more that we haven't specifically determined their schedules yet".

Meanwhile, T-ara is scheduled to perform at SBS' 'Yeosu Expo Super Concert' on August 1st and that will be their last performance for the time being.

In addition to that, T-ara's Eunjung was also scheduled to attend the VIP premiere of the movie "I Am a King" yesterday, but because of the heated issue they have decided to cancel it.

 Keep Calm and Pray for T-ara!
They need us now more than ever.