Earlier today, many of us were shocked by the announcement made by Core Contents Media's CEO, Kim Kwangsoo that they have decided to terminate Hwayoung's contract and remove her from T-ara.

Many of us didn't see that coming and are still shocked, but most of the fans have the same reaction, angry, curious and disappointed.  It was a sudden news that sparked the anger of fans thinking that they CCM is hiding something, and just a few hours after the announcement here are it's results...

♦ Many fans have cancelled their ticket reservations for T-ara's upcoming Korean Concert on the 11th of August.
♦ More than 6,300 Fans have withdrawn from their unofficial Fancafe named 'Mystic' which has now turned into an anti-T-ara cafe/pro-Hwayoung cafe.
♦ Fans protesting that T-ara's Eunjung will be removed from her upcoming drama 'Five Fingers' as well as on 'We Got Married'.
♦  SBS PD Ryu Cheolmin stated "Aigoo Hwayoungah. Ah this oppa will not reach out to T-ara in the future" followed by PD Lee Sangyub who also said, "Oh~ Me too then". (The SBS PD retracted their statements afterwards saying that he forgot to consider the fact that his opinion could have been interpreted as an official stance and apologizes, while MBC's PD denied that he commented about the issue)
♦ Anti-fans sprouting here and there.

There would probably be more conflicts in the future but guess what, now that they have seen the reactions of T-ara's fans and netizens, Kim Kwangsoo stated, "If Hwayoung truly realizes her wrongs, it's possible to talk with the T-ara members and staff about her rejoining. Once again, this is if Hwayoung looks over her previous actions and self-reflects so she does not repeat the same behavior".

The problem here is that Core Contents media has not revealed the whole situation.  It's really hard to comment without knowing it all but just like everyone, I also think that CCM is really hiding something, something that we all should know to understand the real situation.

Regarding Eunjung's case, I believe it's so childish/unfair to blame it to just one person and it's just the haters who are taking the opportunity to take her out her shows through this crisis.  But there's no need to worry because the drama 'Five Fingers' won't be removing T-ara's Eunjung from its cast.

Now CCM says Hwayoung can return if she "reflects on her actions", then they shouldn't have acted like removing her from the group was the only solution in the first place.  Now that they have already made the announcement, it's still possible but it's gonna be hard.

It's really sad that it has come to this but I believe in the right time we will all know the truth.  It's so hard to speculate about something you don't fully know, all we can do now is to have faith and hope for the best for T-ara and their fans.