August 23, 2012

SBS' drama titled 'Five Fingers' has started airing last August 18th and 19th but since the story is still at the part where they are showing the childhood of the characters, we still haven't seen Eunjung.

Now, the saddest part is that we will never see Eunjung in the said drama. On the 22nd, it was reported that T-ara's Eunjung will be leaving 'Five Fingers'.

According to the production staff, it has been decided that Eunjung will leave her role as 'Hong Dami' during their emergency meeting which was held on the night of August 21st.

Additionally, through a phone call, an official from 'Five Fingers' stated, "Yesterday Eunjung and the other actors did a screenplay in the morning. During that time, the production crew held an emergency meeting about Eunjung"they continued with, "The other actors feel sympathetic towards Eunjung and it will be difficult to replace Eunjung's position. Whoever is yet the new cast member we hope that it will bring the drama in a good direction".

Reports say that the decision was due to a conflict over product placement.  One side says "nothing is decided for sure" while the other says "Eunjung is no longer part of the cast".  It was also stated that the drama producers and SBS staff will continue discussions and come up with a final verdict on Eunjung soon.

The reason about Eunjung's possible departure from the drama is because of an issue with indirect advertising.  The advertisers for the drama influenced the production side of "Five Fingers" after the recent member issues with T-ara were brought up.  The PPL or Product Placement advertisers are happy with the positive ratings, but are worried that the recent publicity around Eunjung can hurt them.

The broadcasters also stated, "The controversial issue of T-ara's member leaving and Eunjung being in 'Five Fingers' at the same time, ultimately promoted the drama. Although Eunjung might not hurt the ratings, people might not buy the products being advertised if she's there and it would be a waste in the PPL sponsors' eyes". Core Contents Media hasn't commented about Eunjung's departure yet while the drama's producers and SBS are watching the situation closely to come to a final decision.

Core Contents Media has stated that they are surprised about the announcement, and they are yet to receive an official word from SBS.

Through Osen, Core Contents Media stated, "We're not sure why there are reports about Eunjung leaving the drama. She had no intention of dropping out, and we don't believe she has a reason to", they continued with "We have already received a portion of her appearance fee. She even practiced piano and her lines just yesterday… SBS hasn't even sent in an official report. We're currently figuring out what happened".

While an official from SBS stated. "It's true that we discussed Eunjung leaving the drama. We understand that it’s been agreed upon that she will drop out".

T-ara's Eunjung also commented in the situation through an acquaintance and said, "Last Sunday I participated in a test filming, and just yesterday I was practicing the script, so I couldn't believe that I was leaving the drama so suddenly. I don’t think there's anything I can do as of now. I'll follow the decision of the broadcast station SBS and the drama staff". It was also reported that Eunjung has returned to their home for the meantime to seek comfort from her family.

Meanwhile, actress Jin SeYeon from the drama 'Bridal Mask' has replaced Eunjung and she will begin filming for the drama on the 23rd.