September 4, 2012

Their comeback stages are just a few days away and with that, T-ara has now revealed another suprise for their fans.  

T-ara is scheduled to make their comeback on M!Countdown on the 6th of September and there they will perform with "little T-ara", kids wearing their outfits.

Meanwhile, T-ara has also announced that they will be releasing another music video for "Sexy Love" which will also feature "little T-ara" by next week.

After this announcement, the idea of involving young girls on T-ara's performance has received criticisms, pointing out the song's sexy concept and the 15+ viewer rating of M!Countdown as well as T-ara's bullying issue.

To clear the issue, a representative from Core Contents Media stated that "Little T-ara" will be performing separately,  they will just be opening for T-ara in their own 35-second stage where they will do the robot dance.  After that T-ara will appear and perform alone.