From yesterday's 'Our Youth Roly Poly' PressCon where T-ara's Hyomin revealed that she would have a kiss scene with Lee Jang Woo, it has now been announced that it's not gonna happen.

Today Hyomin revealed, "I learned for the first time at yesterday's 'Roly Poly' press conference that I would have a kiss scene with Lee Jang Woo. But since we rotate among our casts for each show, I don't think there will be a chance to be on the same stage with Lee Jang Woo. I feel relieved."

T-ara Eunjung who is Lee Jang Woo's virtual husband on MBC's variety show 'We Got Married' commented, "To think that Lee Jang Woo will kiss other female casts, it would have been better if Hyomin just played the kiss scene. I hope Hyomin, Jiyeon and Soyeon have a successful musical debut."

The musical 'Our Youth Roly Poly' will run from the 13th of January up to the 25th of February.

For me, I think there's still a possibility of Hyomin and Jang Woo acting together, since Eunjung is cool about it, it's now up to the directors or producers, if they want it I'm sure they can make way for it to happen.

On the 5th of January, T-ara finally made their 'Lovey Dovey' comeback on M!Countdown, while on the backstage the members had a short interview wherein they expressed their thoughts about their new concept.

T-ara Hyomin shared, "There were some who asked why we used the shuffle dance as a concept, especially since it was dying out of popularity. We just wanted something that people could easily enjoy, and so we switched up the shuffle dance a bit to fit our own concept. ‘Lovey Dovey’ has a different feel in that you move your arms with the shuffle."  While Soyeon stated, "We really want to turn the shuffle dance into a dance that’s popular nationwide. It’s perfect for those that are dieting since it eats up a lot of your energy. You really don’t need any other diet with it."

Eunjung also added, "Since we’re the first girl group to use the shuffle dance as our concept, we’re having a lot of fun with it. It’s a dance that’s really diverse , so as opposed to focusing on the final results, we just want to have fun with everyone on stage."

On a side note, Eunjung has showed her dedication and professionalism once again by performing despite her injured ankle.

What's left to do after an awesome and successful comeback? Of course that calls for a celebration and that's what these ladies deserve!

After their prerecording for M!Countdown T-ara rewarded themselves by eating out at a restaurant, check out their photos below..

After witnessing their hot comeback stage on M!Countdown it's now time to view their pictures from their performance.

Check out T-ara's photos from their 'Lovey Dovey' stage below..

It's the moment we have all been waiting for!  The girls of T-ara has finally made their 'Lovey Dovey' comeback on M!Countdown!

Check out their hot stage and witness their awesome shuffling moves..

It's D-Day for T-ara's 'Lovey Dovey' comeback and following their pictures which we posted a while ago here's their picture from M!Countdown.

Take a look at their lovely group picture below..

T-ara will make their comeback tonight on M!Countdown, stay tuned for their performance which will be posted here later.

We Got Married has revealed two new wallpapers featuring their cute and lovely WooJung couple.

It's now time to replace your old wallpapers with Eunjung and JangWoo's wallpapers..

The lovely girls of T-ara are poised to make their 'Lovey Dovey' comeback later tonight on M!Countdown.

Despite her ankle injury T-ara's Eunjung will be participating in T-ara's comeback stage tonight, the girls are ready, the question left is "Are you"?

Check out their photos below..

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