T-ara's cuts from SBS' 'Star King'

Posted by nearnine January 7, 2012

After going on a "date" with T-ara, it's now time to witness a magic trick with them!

Check out their cuts from SBS' 'Star King' below~

RUMOR has it that T-ara might get their 8th member from KBSjoy's upcoming show 'Global Super Idol',

The show will pilot its first episode on the 23rd of March and it will be hosted by Tony Ahn and Hyomin, T-ara members will also have the chance to mentor their own rookie as from the earlier reports.

The show has revealed their trailer and what caught the attention of the fans is the line saying, "A chance to have activities as T-ara's 8th member".

Please take note that nothing is confirmed yet, we can consider this as a rumor for now till they make an official announcement.

While waiting for the official announcement from CCM, you can share your thoughts below~


T-ara continues to spread the love with their newest hit song called 'Lovey Dovey'.

Check out their comeback stage in this week's Music Core below..

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