T-ara reveals the Zombie version MV of 'Lovey Dovey'

Posted by nearnine January 11, 2012

The full version of the Zombie version of T-ara's 'Lovey Dovey' MV has been finally revealed!

It features a zombie horror concept version, featuring a club full of people doing the infectious shuffle dance that T-ara has created.

Check out their awesome music video below..

From T-ara's Lovey Dovey comeback last week on M!Countdown, Mnet now brings us to the behind the scene preparations for their awesome comeback.

Check out T-ara's cuts from RT M!Countdown below..

Now it's not only 'Cry Cry' which has T-ara's dance practice video because they have just revealed their dance practice video for 'Lovey Dovey'.

Check out T-ara's dance practice video for 'Lovey Dovey' below..

Meanwhile the Full MV for 'Lovey Dovey' Zombie version will be revealed on the 12th of January.

T-ara's 5th mini-album 'Funky Town' is officially out and if you haven't gotten your copy yet here's a preview for you!

Check out the snapshots from T-ara's 'Funky Town' below..

This might have come out late but following Hyomin's message here comes T-ara Soyeon and Jiyeon's New Year's messages to their Korean fans.

Have a good read below and see why the girls have been silent in Twitter lately..

T-ara Soyeon's Message:
"Hello? It’s Soyeonnie ^ㅡ^ Heheh..
Only getting to leaving a message now…… I’m sorry TㅡT;
Did you all enjoy today’s Mcountdown….?
We were noticing that there were a lot of fans who were worrying, telling us not to fall sick…
Felt really really thankful but at the same time apologetic…>ㅅ< As you all know, since we’re trying to show you so many things all at once (Cry Cry, We Were In Love, musicals, concerts, award shows, Japanese promotions, etc etc.) There may still be a lot of areas in our comeback performance where we fall short on…

We request for your understanding… Soyeonnie will work harder ! Also, there’s one more thing we’re sad and sorry about…. We wanted to build a home - a fanclub for my Soyeons (T/N: She calls her fans Soyeons for some reason) and our T-ara fans so we were working on this since way before but you know, it doesn’t work out that way and there were some company circumstances that didn’t allow this to go as smoothly as we planned…. but we are trying our best until the end to have our voices heard to make a great home for our Soyeons and T-ara fans so please just wait a little longer ! Sigh… and we also decided not to use twitter for the time being. I figured there would be a lot of you who would worry from the lack of updates so I came to inform you of this heheh.. Soyeonnie and the other members as well are taking good care of our health for our family members (fans) so don’t worry too much !

And when we meet at the broadcasting stations and elsewhere, let’s represent your T-ara well as a fan of T-ara ! There are also our baby fans who try to provoke me from time to time by using banmal (informal language) who end up getting scolded hoohoot *

Anywaysssss I’m counting all of the placards when I’m on stage… In other words, I’m checking and taking attendance of our Soyeons with my eyes *laughs*; Seeing as how Soyeonnie, the one finds the internet difficult, is writing up a post like this… It’s a sign that I’m really thankful and that I lov… lov.. e ..; like you a lot lately ^ㅡ^ he Let’s think of right now - this time when we’re giving each other the most strength.. let’s all gain strength !! Then…. this will be the end of Soyeonnie’s entry~ * ( Let’s allow this to be shared on other sites, cafes, blogs, etc. ) ***

Oh right ! There were a lot of you who were wondering who we were so happy to see when we were seen greeting and bowing during the ending stage at the Gayo Daejejun on the 31st…… It was because we discovered our fan amo~ng a crowd of so many other idols’ fans, bouncing up and down while proudly holding T-ara’s name up high…. he ^ㅡ^***"

 T-ara Jiyeon's Message:
"In 2012…
2012, Happy New Year~!!
Hoping for only happy days ahead for you all
Since the weather is cold lately, wear warm clothes and be careful of catching a cold~!
I’ll work hard with Lovey Dovey promotions and Dream High filming~
The character Lian can seem hateful but… it’s just acting so please watch over me well ㅎㅎ
Let’s all make health our first priority in 2012!!
Stay healthy~~~"


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