'Lovey Dovey' continues to dominate not only the music charts but variety shows as well.

From the recent episode of We Got Married which aired today, here comes Eunjung and Jangwoo's cute and fun cut..

If you want to watch the full episode even without subtitles, you can watch it here.

The girls were up for another tight schedule, following their performance on Music Core here comes their performance from KBS' "Love Request" and if you could notice only few of them had the chance to change their outfits.

Check out T-ara's 'Lovey Dovey' performance below..

If their perfect and flawless performances weren't enough to entice you to vote and cheer for them then maybe this one will do.

Core Contents Media has revealed that T-ara promised to ride the subways between their schedules instead of their van if they rank #1 in music programs.

T-ara's recent releases have all reached high popularity and #1 on music charts, but there was no connection in winning #1 on music programs. T-ara's "Roly-Poly" was one of the top hits of last year, and stayed as the #1 candidate on music programs for nine consecutive weeks. The same goes for "Cry Cry" and "We Were In Love".

This statement just shows how bad T-ara want it and we can show are support by voting them and buying their albums. Meanwhile the girls have just gotten their their first win with 'Lovey Dovey' in this week's M!Countdown, I'm sure there's more to come!

Continuing their 'Lovey Dovey' promotions, T-ara is back with another cool and awesome performance!

Watch their performance from this week's Music Core after the cut..

Meanwhile their song 'Lovey Dovey' continues to dominate the music charts and they have just recently topped Billboard's K-Pop Hot 100.

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