T-ara's Soyeon recently recorded for SBS' 100 Million Quiz Show and while on the show generously snapped a photo for the show and her fans.

Check out Soyeon's lovely photo below..

The pretty girls of T-ara are back with another lovely "Lovey Dovey" stage on Music Core.

Check out their hot performance and cool dance moves below..

T-ara's Hwayoung, Qri and Boram recently went to the Korean Animal Welfare Association to spend their time and show their love for the animals.

During their visit the three snapped a batch of lovely photos and you can browse those pictures below..

After almost three years in the K-Pop scene, T-ara will be finally establishing their Official Fanclub.

Yes, up until now T-ara still don't have an official fanclub name for their fans, the reason is because Core Contents Media's CEO Kim Kwangsoo has resisted the idea even though the members of T-ara had told him many times, "We really want an official fanclub!".

But with T-ara's hard work and their overflowing success for their past promotions, the tides have changed now and Kim Kwangsoo has decided to give in and grant the wishes of our girls.

Kim Kwangsoo's reasoning was, "I thought T-ara would first have to become a group receiving interest worldwide and have a stronger backing, which is why there was no plans of establishing an official fanclub. Every opportunity that T-ara has, they would tell me how much they wanted an official fanclub."  He also added that after "Roly-Poly", "Cry Cry" and now "Lovey-Dovey", he feels as if T-ara is a really popular girl group. "For the first time in 30 years, I've been beaten by my artists and decided to create an official fanclub for T-ara."

He ended it with, "Step by step, we'll begin to form the large fanclub. T-ara members are still unaware that I made this decision of an official fanclub, so I hope it's a good holiday present for T-ara."

Congratulations to T-ara and to all of their fans!
Note: They have just announced their plan on establishing one, but it doesn't mean that it's right away. 

Wearing their hanboks the beautiful ladies of T-ara had a cheerful interview with Star News.

During their interview T-ara expressed, "Currently, it's hard to fit a lot into our tight schedules since we're very active, but we hope we to receive a lot of love. With your friends and family, eating joyfully during the holidays, we hope you have a good time together and can watch T-ara on your TVs."

The girls have been since busy promoting new songs, dramas, filming CFs, guesting in variety shows and performing in musicals since the second half of last year. When asked if they could relax this holiday season, they replied with, "We don't get a vacation." After debuting, T-ara almost never had the chance to spend the holidays with their family.

Eunjung said, "I remember one time I was spending time with my family during the holiday break at the sauna and discovered that I had a schedule to attend to and I ended up hurriedly going back. Still though, this year feels special because it's the year of the dragon. Happy New Year to everyone, and to all of the 88'ers, have strength."

Soyeon said, "This year, I'll become the fourth leader. For the new year, I hope that T-ara can receive a lot of love and good news. I'm excited to move forward."

Hwayoung said, "Even though we're twins, since I was the dongsaeng, we always received our money during the Lunar New Year in different amounts. After bowing to the adults, I counted Hyoyoung unni's money from the corner of my eye, I remember pretending to look pitiful in front of unni while saying that we should split the money evenly".

For this new year, T-ara said, "With some family members and members from our agency, we'll all eat together and make rice cakes. Hyomin will make the crab dishes, and Boram and Jiyeon will make the meat."

Last August, T-ara released their retro "Roly-Poly" song and then in early November, followed up with "Cry Cry". At the end of December, they released a ballad with their label-mate Davichi, "We Used To Love". All of these releases were placed in the #1 spot of the charts and received a lot of love from fans.

T-ara came back with "Lovey-Dovey" earlier this year and once again were at the top of the charts. Over the last six months, T-ara have had four consecutive #1 hit songs, showing off their new potential and strength. Even now, "Lovey-Dovey" is in the top 10 of all the music charts.

T-ara didn't want to forget to show their appreciation towards their fans who love their music and support them.

Soyeon said, "Right now is when we are suffering the most since our debut. Until April, our schedule is full. Our members depend on drinks and vitamins since we don't get sleep, but the things our fans say to us and how they encourage us, it's very encouraging to us."

She continued by saying, "As quick as we can, we wanted to show off good songs we made. We're worried that maybe the fans would have became bored or tired by us having a lot of new song releases, but luckily, we're thankful to our fans who continue to support us happily."

On an ending note, T-ara said, "As soon as we finish with our 'Lovey-Dovey' activities, we plan to go to Japan to spread our K-pop. I hope that we'll be able to progress further and for people to notice our commitment and efforts."

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