T-ara's pictures from SBS' Power Radio

Posted by nearnine January 25, 2012

Here are T-ara's pictures from their recent appearance SBS' Power Radio.

Check out their cute and beautiful photos below..

Look who's happy and excited because of Hi-Mart's 50% Sale.

It's T-ara's cute and adorable Park Jiyeon, check out her photo below.

An unfortunate incident has happened again to T-ara's Eunjung.  She has just recovered from her ankle injury a few weeks ago and now she has met another accident.

It was reported that last January 24th after T-ara's rehearsal for 'Lovey Dovey' the girls went home to their dorm and when Eunjung was almost near the front steps of their dorm she accidentally slipped because of the slippery floor due to the heavy snow as a result she injured her knee.

Eunjung was immediately brought to the hospital to receive first aid treatment and an x-ray.  The results of her tests were revealed on the 25th and it showed that she has a ruptured kneecap tendon and she will need to walk in a cast for at least six weeks.  T-ara's agency stated that they'll monitor Eunjung's recovery process before they decide to cancel her activities and schedules.

This is a clear sign that these girls needs a break, anyways let's hope for Eunjung's quick recovery and the safety of the other T-ara members as well.

A photo of T-ara's Jiyeon with Kim Soo Hyun who will be making a cameo in the upcoming drama 'Dream High 2' has been revealed.

The photo kinda reminds me of Kim Soo Hyun and Miss A Suzy's scene from the bus, but it's not identical and we can only find out what really happened in the picture once it airs on the 30th of January.

This was the scene from Dream High 1 that I'm talking about, please share your thoughts below.

After fulfilling their promise to ride the subway if they win on Music Shows, T-ara has now committed to a more meaningful promise.

T-ara's agency Core Contents Media revealed on the 25th that if T-ara can win over three consecutive weeks and get a Triple Crown, they will to do volunteer service.

For this promise, T-ara's Hyomin has made their own campaign poster over night which you can view below.

T-ara expressed, "We're so thankful to the fans for giving so much love to 'Lovey-Dovey', and if we can get a Triple Crown, even if our schedules are busy, we want to volunteer to re-pay the public for the love 'Lovey-Dovey' received."

T-ara has already got 2 consecutive wins on M!Countdown, let's see if they can get their Triple Crown this week.  T-ara Fighting!!!

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