T-ara goes 'Lovey Dovey' on jTBC's Music on Top

Posted by nearnine January 26, 2012

I thought this would be our last chance to watch T-ara with 7 members until Eunjung's complete recovery after 6 weeks or so but to no avail Jiyeon was missing in this pre-recorded performance because of her filming.

On a lighter note the girls have won the charts on today's Music on Top, check out Eunjung, Boram, Soyeon, Hyomin, Qri and Hwayoung's 'Lovey Dovey' performance below..

T-ara's Hwayoung and Qri are back to charm you with their promotional pictures for Tony Moly.

Check out their photos below..

In relation to their promotions for "Roly Poly Japanese ver." which is their 3rd single in Japan, T-ara has now released their beautiful and colorful wallpapers.

May it be a desktop,laptop or a smartphone it's now time to replace your wallpaper, check out T-ara's wallpapers below~

On the 26th it was revealed that T-ara's Qri has turned down the offer to play a role in Japan's Fuji TV's "Rhythm and Police" (Odoru-Daisousasen).

The producers were looking for a good-looking foreigner who was skilled in Japanese, and therefore they have decided to pick Qri as their first choice. "Rhythm and Police 4" is a Japanese film for the drama that will be broadcast on TV in September prior to it stars like Joo Yeongin, Oda Yuji, Ito Atsushi and Uchida Yuki have starred in "Rhythm and Police 3" .

Qri's company revealed that because of her busy schedule with T-ara, she was very regretful to have to say no to the offer and thus given the role to a fellow actress in her company, Lee Haein.

Lee Haein will be debuting in a girl group this coming May with seven members including actresses Choi Sooeun, Hwang Jihyun, and supermodel Kim Hyeji.

Last week T-ara finally got their well deserved win from KBS' Music Bank.  And now that KBS has revealed their group picture with their K-Chart Trophy it's time to reminisce their winning moments.

Check out T-ara's lovely group photo below..

Eunjung wasn't here because of her drama filming.

Taken before the unfortunate incident that happened to T-ara Eunjung's knee, here are her photo with their stylists on the set of her drama 'Queen Insoo'.

Check out their photos below..

Get Well Soon Ham Eunjung~♥

T-ara Eunjung's SelCa which she took during the 2011 MBC Gayo Daejun has recently surfaced.

Eunjung was seen wearing her V-Neck red dress in the photo and you can guess who loved it the most. Yes, it's Lee JangWoo who hosted the show with her along with the other WGM couples.

Check out her beautiful photo below..

We have posted these pictures a few days ago but it has been a while since we have received an update from T-ara's Hyomin, this ones gonna be worth it.

Hyomin  shared, "In the middle of filming a cosmetics ad.~".  Check out her pictures from their Tony Moly pictorial below..

Meanwhile T-ara is now headed to Japan to participate for the Korean International Style Show and you can view their photos from the airport here.

Earlier today, the members of T-ara set off to Japan to attend the 'Korean International Style Show'.

Aside from T-ara, other artists who will be present for today's event are SNSD, FT Island and 4Minute.

Check out their photos from their departure below..

Coming after her pictures with "HershE" Jiyeon's group from "Dream High 2" and their posters, here comes another photo.

It's undeniable that she's the most beautiful K-Pop Idol of her generation, check out Jiyeon's lovely photo below~


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