T-ara Hyomin on Running Man's episode preview

Posted by nearnine January 29, 2012

The much awaited episode of "Running Man" with T-ara's Hyomin, Lim Soohyang and Go Ara will finally be aired next week, February 5!

Mark your calendars and check out their preview below.

T-ara brings the 'Lovey Dovey' craze on KBS 2TV's Gag Star GCC Awards.

Check out their fun and crazy cuts from this show below..

The hype for the highly anticipated 2012 drama 'Dream High 2' keeps on building up!

The drama will air its first episode on the 30th of January and they have just revealed their teasers featuring T-ara's Jiyeon along with the rest of the cast of Dream High 2.

Check out their trailers below..

3rd Teaser

2nd Teaser

1st Teaser

Those weren't enough? Check out the highlights of Dream High 2 here.


It's time to party because T-ara has got another win from Inkigayo with their upbeat and lively song 'Lovey Dovey'. It's triple crown for the hard working girls of T-ara.

There was no Inkigayo last week because of the Pyeongchang Concert but it was T-ara who won last week thus making this their third consecutive win.

Check out their winning moments below..

Awarding of their Mutizen trophy from last week.

T-ara's Triple Crown win.

Congratulations to T-ara!

Sorry but we have deleted the video, one member had a wardrobe malfunction in this performance. 

To protect her, the only thing we could do is to delete the video and stop spreading it.  Thanks for understanding.

It's time to take a quick break from their shuffling activities, here are T-ara's Soyeon, Hyomin, Jiyeon and Hwayoung with Davichi's Minkyung and Haeri to present us their melodic performance.

Check out their 'We Were in Love' performance below..

As revealed earlier, T-ara's Jiyeon and Teen Top's Chunji will make a cameo on Fat Cat's performance.

No need to wait any longer because here they are, check out  Fat Cat's 'Is Being Pretty Everything' stage with Jiyeon and Chunji.

It's an Inkigayo full of T-ara this week!

Aside from their other upcoming performances here's their own version of Inkigayo's campaign song titled the "Beef Song".

Back in their "Roly Poly" days here are the cute and pretty photos of T-ara Soyeon, Eunjung, Qri and Hyomin from a salon.

T-ara members Soyeon, Boram, Qri and Hwayoung were all present in the recent episode of SBS' Star King.

They surely enjoyed being there and you can check out their cute and pretty cuts below..

Aside from their 'Lovey Dovey' and 'We Were in Love' performance with Davichi later on Inkigayo, T-ara's Jiyeon will also be present in Fat Cat's performance.  She will cameo in their performance of "Is Being Pretty Everything" along with Teen Top's Chunji.

What to expect from this cameo?  Check out Fat Cat's performance below wherein they featured Lee Jangwoo.

Before you go to bed and start dreaming of T-ara's Jiyeon, you should check out her cuts from "MBN's Star talk mentary-My Story" first.

Still from their press conference, here's Jiyeon with the cast of 'Dream High 2'.

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