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Posted by nearnine January 31, 2012

Through their recent interview on GaonTV, T-ara took the opportunity to greet and thank their fans for supporting their songs and making them number 1.

Check out T-ara's interview below..

The freezing cold wouldn't stop T-ara's Qri from enjoying the snow!

Qri shared, "It's snowing like crazy~ snow is falling from the sky~ the day it snowed. A 27 year old's joke ㅋㅋ".

Along with that, she wrote "Stupid" in the snow.

From their January 19th performance on M!Countdown where they got their 2nd 'Lovey Dovey' win, here are T-ara's lovely photos.

Sadly Jiyeon wasn't present in that performance that's why there's no photo of her.

T-ara's label mates, the male members of Co.Ed School will be remaking T-ara's hit song 'Lovey Dovey'.

The male members of Co.Ed consists Yoosung, Taewoon, Sungmin, Kwanghaeng, Inoh, Jongkook and it is said that they will remake the song into a song with an intense feeling with powerful rapping.

Core Contents Media expressed, "The male members really enjoyed T-ara's 'Lovey-Dovey' and the shuffle dance. In fact, Kwanghaeng was the president of a dance club in Australia where shuffle dance originated. After watching T-ara, the male members want to re-create the shuffle dance of 'Lovey-Dovey' with their own style." They continued to say that the male members asked for the agency's approval and then the male members moved onto participating in arranging and recording the song and raps.

This will be the first time for Coed's new member Superstar K3's Shin Jongkook to release a song with the group.  While a Coed male member stated, "We're preparing really hard for our first work and T-ara sunbaes are helping us with advice. We are looking forward to the fan's reactions."

"Lovey Dovey Plus" by Coed's male members will be released on February 9th.

Last Sunday T-ara finally got their Triple Crown win on SBS' Inkigayo and as promised by the group they are now set to have their volunteer event tomorrow, February 1.

T-ara will have a volunteer event tomorrow with the cooperation of a charity organization that will help them find elders with difficulties.  The organization that will be holding the volunteer event with T-ara is 'People Living With', an organization that operates free study room and free food for people with difficulties, especially teenagers.

For this event T-ara has gathered 10 million won to buy rice and instant noodles. 7 million won was their bonus after they win the Triple Crown, and 3 million won are from the members.

The girls expressed, "The good results came out because everyone has been giving us a lot of love. We will become a more hard-working T-ara in the future."  Along with T-ara, Hwayoung's twin sister Hyoyoung will also participate in this event.

Prior to this T-ara has successfully fulfilled their promise of riding the subway if they win on Music shows.

'Dream High 2' is the hype these days, but if you don't what it is all about you can check out their video taken from their Press Conference below..

Know more about Jiyeon's character as well as the other cast of the drama.

I'm thinking that everyone here has already watched T-ara Jiyeon's cuts from the first episode of Dream High 2, right?

Admit it or not, you felt relieved after hearing the word "Cut!!!" from the director during Jiyeon and Soo Hyun's scene when they were about to kiss, right?  Turns out it was just for a filming, a re-enactment of Suzy and Soo Hyun's scene from Dream High 1 perhaps.

You can watch Jiyeon's video cuts from Dream High 2's first episode here but before that check out their photos below..


It might be cold but that wouldn't stop T-ara's Qri from eating the snack that she loves!

Qri expressed, "It's cold but I still ate it when I'm freezing to death. ㅋㅋ"

Check out Qri's yummy snack below..

T-ara's Hwayoung and 5Dolls' Hyoyoung are back to showcase their loving relationship.

Last night, Hwayoung expressed her affection to her twin sister by saying, "Hyoyoung-ah I love you~hwaiting today too!! Buy me hot choco later!!!!!!"

To which Hyoyoung sweetly replied with, "Of course~^_^ let's have a nice chocolate party!!! Come soon I'll give you a hug~^_^ Don't suffocate from my hug okay?"

It's a good day, isn't it? If not here's T-ara's Jiyeon to make you feel better!

Check out Jiyeon's and the rest of T-ara's cute cuts from Pretty Boys for T-ara's Episode 5 below..

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