T-ara's pictures from jTBC's "Music on Top"

Posted by nearnine February 2, 2012

The party continues! After watching their performance it's now time to check T-ara's photos from their performance on today's "Music on Top".

T-ara may have not performed on today's M!Countdown but this one will definitely make up for it.

The girls have just got another win on jTBC's music show "Music on Top".  It certainly calls for another celebration, Congratulations to our girls!

Check out their performance below..

After their successful volunteer event yesterday, the girls of T-ara have expressed their desire to do more volunteer works.

On the 2nd of February T-ara's agency revealed, "T-ara is busy this year with domestic and Japanese activities, but T-ara expressed they'd like to volunteer at least three more times this year."

Despite the cold weather the girls continued their work yesterday and they expressed, "It was a long day and the weather was so cold, but that doesn't mean anything because our days were brightened when we talked to the elders and being their guest at the meal. It will be hard to forget."

They continued with, "Next time when we get the opportunity to volunteer again, we want to work together with our fellow labelmates and also the celebrities around us who want to participate in doing meaningful things as well," continuing on, "We'll work hard to be called 'volunteering-dols' in the future."

Yesterday T-ara went to visit the elderly and donated rice, ramen, under garments, cosmetics, and life commodities, you can watch their slideshow from that event below..

T-ara's Boram is back with another cute photo!

Meet Boram and her bangs..

"Boram: Bangs tadaㅡ"(´•.̫ •♥)"

Ever imagined how would it be like to see the Ryu Twins in one project?

Don't worry because you won't have to imagine that anymore as it was revealed on February 2nd that T-ara's Hwayoung and Coed's Hyoyoung will be the star in the music video of "Lovey Dovey Plus" the remake version of the male members of Coed School.

Their agency expressed, "The twins are known as the leading twins of the music industry and they'll showcase a brilliant shuffle dance through the music video.  Recently Hyoyoung cut her hair short like Hwayoung, so it's more difficult to tell them apart. Fans can expect an impressive joint performance from the twins."

"Lovey-Dovey Plus" will be revealed through online music sites on the 9th February while the music video is yet to be announced.

Nothing beats the feeling of happiness after doing good deeds and that's what T-ara Hyomin got from their recent Volunteer event.

Hyomin shared, "Not sure why but I was in really~really~ really~ really~ high spirits today while doing volunteer work and the musical hohoho as a bonus I'm releasing a 6-set still cut of when I was on standby for the performance~~!!!!"

She continued with, "The time spent together with grandmother and grandfather.^^ We brought bags of rice and warm clothes and other things so they wouldn't feel hungry and cold, but instead grandma said my hands were colder and grabbed my two hands to warm them up.. it feels like a day where I became a spoiled grandchild rather than going to do volunteer work.."

Check out Hyomin's beautiful photos below..

Hyomin also added some side comments to the pictures by saying  "While going over the musical script.. timid timid.. " on the 1st and 2nd pictures.  And "I tried copying Soyeon unni, that Kancho stealer" on the last picture.

The beautiful ladies of T-ara are back with another cute and lovely CF for "Tony Moly".

Check out Boram, Hwayoung, Hyomin, Qri and Soyeon's CF below..

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