As confirmed a week ago, T-ara's Hyomin and Fu XinBo will be appearing in the Chinese version of "We Got Married".

The preview has now been revealed and you can watch it below..

Looks like Qri needs a warm virtual hug!

Qri expressed in her recent updated, "'s so cold;" and along with it were two irresistible photos!

What to do when you got nothing to do and bored? Take it from T-ara's Soyeon who shared, "Throwing a selca ! * ah bored ;"

Below is Soyeon's cute photo which was taken from their Music Bank waiting room today.

It's time to go "Lovey Dovey" with T-ara on Music Bank!

Here comes yet another awesome performance from T-ara..

A few more weeks to go before the release of their 3rd Japanese Single "Roly Poly" and after releasing the first version, T-ara has now unveiled the 2nd version of the Japanese MV for "Roly Poly".

More of T-ara's photos from their Tony Moly Pictorial are here!

Check out Soyeon, Hyomin, Qri and Boram's photos below~

No one forgot that T-ara Hyomin's guesting on Running Man will be aired this Sunday, right?

If you did, then please let this next photos of T-ara Hyomin with the cast of Running Man remind you..

Later on KBS' Music Bank, T-ara will present another awesome "Lovey Dovey" performance.

If you want some preview you can check out their photos from their rehearsal below..

T-ara Jiyeon's guesting on MBC's "Joo Byung Jin's Talk Concert" has finally aired last night.

During the show they talked about the hardships being faced by the idols and when they came to the topic "Online malicious comments", Jiyeon revealed her broken heart by expressing, "Feeling very very tired because of all these malicious comments. At such young age.." which opened up a conversation, but she ended up crying until she can't even speak a word.

After calming down, Jiyeon continued, "In actual fact I am still avoiding, by not going online. But from today onwards I am not going to avoid anymore, I feel like facing it directly. Slightly taking out some of my courage one by one," letting out a smile on her face.

Regarding about the "Dating Ban" on idol groups, Jiyeon revealed her dissatisfaction regarding their tight schedules.  She proudly stated that "T-ara don't have dating bans" but she sadly continued "But there's no time. Everyday is packed with schedules, saying that if we can (date) just go ahead.

Jiyeon continued to reveal, "We have maximum 12 schedules a day. We were saying how can we complete all? But we finished it without us knowing it", "Because we are too busy, I have not seen my parents for 6 months", "After debuting I have not been really going to school, my friends are just treating me as an artiste" and other sufferings of being an Idol at such a young age.
*There was a video but it was blocked, we'll try to update with video soon.

Last night T-ara members finally had some time go shopping, book shopping to be exact.

After buying their books T-ara Qri and Boram happily shared it through twitter.

Boram went on and shared, ""I'm here." Yes that's right I'm hereee~ Hereㅡ"-̫͡-ʔ I went book shopping with Park Sso and Hwayoungie and it was the title of a book I found."

While Qri shared, "If you're feeling lonely right now, then you're doing well. " A visit to Kyobo after a long time ^^ I was out buying scented candles and through a recommendation of a friend I purchased a book".

The girls won yesterday's Music on Top and Qri thanked their fans by saying, "Thank you for giving us #1 again for this week after last week's win ^^! Jeon Boram Lee Qri Park Soyeon Ham Eunjung Park Hyomin Park Jiyeon Ryu Hwayoung T-ara go Let's go together Queens jjang♡""

Yes, if you missed it T-ara went for the name "QUEENS" as their fans name.

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