Check out T-ara's video from their Volunteer Event

Posted by nearnine February 4, 2012

Held last February 1st, we can now catch a glimpse on T-ara's recent Volunteer event.

Check out T-ara's video below..

As reported a while ago, T-ara's Jiyeon was reigned as the "the best-looking female Idol" on MBC's Idol Weekly but aside from that T-ara members Hwayoung, Qri, Soyeon, Boram and Hyomin were present in the show.

The five girls graced the show with their cuteness and a short performance of "Lovey Dovey".

No doubt when we talk about "The best-looking female Idol" Jiyeon wouldn't be left out, in fact she's the most prettiest among them in all fairness.

MBC's 'Weekly Idol' has just reaffirmed it by placing her on the #1 spot followed by SNSD's YoonA, Jessica, 2ne1's Sandara and Wonder Girls' Sohee.

Check out the video from MBC's 'Weekly Idol' below..

Here are more of T-ara's photos from their fun show SBS E!'s 'Pretty Boys for T-ara'.

Check out their pictures below..

 Update 2/4/2012:

Coming from our earlier post, here are more of T-ara's photos from a Japanese magazine.

Check out their scans from Japan's "JUNON" magazine below.

Here are the girls of T-ara on Japan's "GIRLPOP" magazine.

Check out their scans below..

With the impending release of "Roly Poly" on the 29th of February as their 3rd Japanese Single, T-ara has now revealed that they will head to Japan on February 16th to dedicate one whole month of promotional activities there.

T-ara's agency Core Contents Media stated, "Japanese fans have already shown a lot of interest to 'Roly-Poly' even before the release. Japanese music officials have predicted that the single album will sell over 300,000 copies."

While T-ara expressed, "With our domestic activities of 'Roly-Poly', we received high results on music sites and music programs. Recently we were very, very happy to win the Triple Crown and that was a good start of the year. We'll do everything possible to achieve good results for our performances in Japan."

Prior to this, T-ara made a new record in Japan's Oricon charts when they debuted by selling the most copies of a Korean girl group debut single with "Bo Peep Bo Peep".

It's time to love!  Time to love T-ara's "Lovey Dovey" performance from today's Music Core.

Check out their "Lovey Dovey" stage..

The recent episode KBS' "Sponge Zero" was graced by T-ara's Boram, Soyeon and Hyomin. It's a variety show that presents various pieces of trivia in an entertaining way.

You can watch their full show below..

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