T-ara's Boram and her cute and lovely photos

Posted by nearnine February 5, 2012

T-ara's Boram is back with another set of lovely photos. Even though she's sleepy, Boram still managed to snapped some cute photos.

A cutie will always be a cutie, check out Boram's pictures below..

T-ara's Eunjung continues to show how strong she is.  Despite her injury she still managed to record and appear on KBS' "Gag Concert".  It's also a relief that she looks a lot better now.

Check out Eunujung's fun cuts from KBS' "Gag Concert" below..

It's time to watch T-ara's performance from this week's Inkigayo.

Check out the hot remix version of T-ara's "Lovey Dovey" below~

When one beauty meets another, it's surely out to leave you speechless.

Check out Hyomin and Minkyung's lovely photo below..

The girls of T-ara went to Osaka on the 4th of February to participate in the "K-POP Live Concert 2012 in Osaka", it was a quick trip and while on the plane T-ara Soyeon managed to snapped some cute photos.

Soyeon playfully expressed, "Osaka*Osaka ---> Seoul*Seou .. Shoong~" while Qri also added, "Going back to Korea now。 Osaka byebye. Let's meet next timeㅠㅠ♡"

Check out Soyeon's lovely photos below..

Along with The One, N-Sonic, New.F.O and MONSTERZ, the girls of T-ara participated in the "K-POP Live Concert 2012 in Osaka".

The event was held at the ATC Hall (Osaka) yesterday, the event has successfully finished and the girls are now back in Korea for SBS' Inkigayo later.

Look what we have here its T-ara's Jiyeon with Siwan of ZE:A.

Taken from their recent recording for MBC's "Joo Byung Jin's Talk Concert", Siwan expressed, "This time with Jiyeon chingu~~ look the picture moved since you were laughing with Jiyoung chingu!!! Anyway I hope there won't be anything to cry over in the future. As a fellow colleague I don't know what to say that will encourage you so this is embarrassing ㅠ I'll cheer you on Hwaiting!!"

Check out their cute photo below..

Siwan's Twitter
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