T-ara poses for "Gibalhan Chicken"

Posted by nearnine February 6, 2012

Before signing their 1 Billion Won contract with T-ara, looks like "Gibalhan Chicken" has already helped T-ara in one of their events.

Taken from their recent volunteer event, here are the members of T-ara with CoEd's Hyoyoung posing for the said brand.

Running Man's recent episode was graced by three angels, they were T-ara's Hyomin, Go Ara and Lim Soohyang.

As expected, it was another fun and amusing episode.  For their mission the teams were divided into two, girls versus boys, guess who won in the end?  It was the "Charlie's Angels" team and so here's T-ara Hyomin's photo showing off her ring from the show.

Hyomin proudly shared, "On today's 'Running Man', Charlie's Angels won! The prize we received was the final championship ring hahaha"

Adding to the long list of T-ara's advertisement deals is their newest contract from "Gibalhan Chicken".

On the 6th of February, Core Contents Media revealed that T-ara has signed a contract to be models of "Gibalhan Chicken" for one year with a guaranteed 1 billion Won plus royalties.

The company "Excellent Chicken" stated, "We chose T-ara as models because of their constant hits 'Roly-Poly', 'Cry Cry', 'We Were In Love', and 'Lovey-Dovey" have appealed to all ages from teenagers to people in their 60s. They are one of the most popular girl groups and have a variety of fans and a good image."

The group is scheduled to shoot a variety of different ads for "Gibalhan Chicken" as well as attend different events.   "Gibalhan Chicken" also plans to also sell T-ara merchandise.

Meanwhile T-ara will be releasing "Roly Poly" as their third Japanese single album on February 29.

Turns out T-ara Boram's cute photos last night were from their photo shoot, following that she also updated saying, "In the middle of a photoshoot right now..." Felt kind of sleepy and my fingers were feeling bored so I scribbled on a paper cup-"Hey.Ho.Hey.Hoㅡ"♩ㅋㅋ"

Check out Boram's art piece below..

From their pictorial T-ara's Qri happily shared her beautiful photos and labeled them, "Girl in a pink uniform".

Check out Qri's pictures below with the mysterious girl behind, is that Jiyeon?

From SBS' "Special" the girls of T-ara managed to meet one lucky fan and even watched her dance to their song "Cry Cry".

Check out T-ara's cuts below..

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