T-ara's Jiyeon is finally back on Twitter!!

She has just shared a photo from the filming set of "Dream High 2" and she also added, "Stay tuned for Dream High 2!! Please give it a lot of love~ Rian-♥", the character that she is playing in the drama series.

Check out Rian's photo below.

Here are more of T-ara Eunjung's photos from her drama 'Queen Insoo'.



On the 7th of February T-ara left for Paris to participate in KBS' "Music Bank in Paris, K-POP Festival" which will be held on the 8th of February.

T-ara's Jiyeon is nowhere to be seen though because she's busy filming for "Dream High 2" but Eunjung is there, she may not be able to perform because of her injury but she's there to meet their fans and to show her support for her group.

Check out T-ara's video and photos from their departure below.

Following their fun and lovely CFs, cosmetic brand "Tony Moly" has now revealed their making film.

Check out the making of T-ara's newest commercial film for the brand below.

If it's with T-ara's Jiyeon your morning couldn't be any brighter.

Check out Jiyeon's cuts from KBS' "Emergency Escape" below.

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