T-ara Hwayoung updates from Paris, France

Posted by nearnine February 8, 2012

Still from France, T-ara's Hwayoung has updated with another cute photo and along with it was a reminder on what we could expect in the coming days.

Hwayoung shared, "Hwayoung is in Fraaaance right now~~!!! Ah right!! The Lovey Dovey Plus MV will be revealed tomorrow~~~!! Try figuring out which one's Hyoyoung and which one is me!! Eum...to give a hint, the one who's a little prettier is Hyoyoungㅎㅎ".

 *The MV will be released in Korea on the 10th of February, 
Not sure if Hwayoung got confused of the time zone.

On a side note, the name of CoEd's male unit has been revealed today and they are called "SPEED".  As posted a few weeks ago, they will be releasing a remake version of "Lovey Dovey"titled "Lovey Dovey Plus" and they will release its music video on the 10th featuring T-ara's Hwayoung and Co.Ed's Hyoyoung.

Following their first preview which was revealed a week ago, more preview as well as a behind the scenes clip of Hyomin and Fu XinBo has now been revealed.

The Chinese Version of We Got Married (Valentines Special) will be aired in China on the 14th of February, for the meantime check out their clips below.

Still from Paris, T-ara's Boram has sent another update showing her love Nutellas.

Boram shared, "Kyahㅡ" Nutella♥ Hey.ho.hey.ho♩"

The cast of "Queen Insoo" has recently wrapped up their filming for the said drama.

That's right, T-ara's Eunjung will finally be able have a good rest for the speedy recovery of her injured knee.

Check out their photos from the last filming of "Queen Insoo" below.

Coming from Hyomin, Soyeon and Boram's updates from Paris, here are their photos from the airport.

Check out T-ara's photos from their arrival in Paris below..

The girls of T-ara has safely arrived in Paris after departing from Korea yesterday, they are there to participate in KBS' "Music Bank in Paris".

So far it seems like the girls are enjoying their stay there and here are some of their fun and amusing tweets to give us some update.

T-ara Hyomin shared a fun photo along with her cute complain, "Arrived in Paris~ People keep saying the hands are doing bad things after looking at the gloves attached to my clothes ㅜㅜ".

While T-ara's Soyeon shared, "Arrived in Paris* First commemorative shot " Came to Paris~".

Boram also shared, "As soon as I got to my hotel room after arriving in Paris, feeling bored, I was having a conversation with Park Ssoㅡ* who was two rooms down from mine_ㅋㅋ Dying to know what our dinner menu is like but I'm sleepy so I'm in the middle of contemplating on what to do!" (ಠㅅಠ)" keung keung".

 In reply to Boram, Soyeon also added, "In the end...I'm also...doing this >ㅅ< ;".
Meanwhile KBS' "Music Bank in Paris" will be held on the 8th of February.

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