T-ara's Boram updates from Paris with Love

Posted by nearnine February 9, 2012

If T-ara's Soyeon has met the Eiffel Tower, that means the other members have also seen it that's why here are T-ara Boram's update from Paris' Eiffel Tower.

Check out Boram's updates below.

Prior to this, Boram also shared...
"Boram: "Bbo&Q" while monitoringㅡ" 
Boram = Bbo: Hul_ my shoelaces are untied... 
Qri = Q: Hul_ why does my hair look so disheveled..."

"Boram: Missed today's breakfast_(•̃͡ㅅ•̃͡ )hoong."

Looks like T-ara's Soyeon fell in love with the beauty of Paris' Eiffel Tower.

During their stay in Paris, the girls had the chance to have some fun and here are Soyeon's photos as she shared, "Here's Paris's Eiffel Tower * Paris Eiffel Tower >ㅅ< "  She continued with, "Paris Continuing to upload selcas ♥ Kyaao exciting!".

Take a look at Soyeon's photos below~

On this week's "Music on Top" the girls of T-ara have emerged victorious again, giving them their 3rd consecutive win! 

That's another Triple Crown for this talented and hard working girls, Congratulations T-ara!

But because they were in Paris, France for "Music Bank in Paris" they weren't able to attend it and thus their label mate Davichi accepted the trophy for them and just played T-ara's performance.

Look what we have here, T-ara finally have their own smartphone game in the form of "T-ARA SHAKE" following SNSD, Super Junior and other artists.

This game offers traditional “TAP” style of gameplay as well as a new “SHAKE-WHEEL” mode, using a seamless-gesture technology developed by dooub. The “SHAKE-WHEEL” mode will make you feel like a DJ scratching the turntable!

This game is now available on the App Store, so go ahead and enjoy the game!

You can also check out some snapshots from the game below.

As revealed from our recent posts, the Ryu Twins will star on the music video of "Lovey Dovey Plus" by CoEd's male unit named "SPEED".

The music video which is inspired by Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" will be released on the 13th of February and it will feature Hwayoung and Hyoyoung dancing versus each other.

Check out their concept photos below.

Hyoyoung and Hwayoung

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