T-ara's Boram bids goodbye to Paris

Posted by nearnine February 10, 2012

After having fun in Paris for a short while, it's now time for T-ara to go back to their homeland.

Along with this next photo, Boram regretfully expressed, "Goodbye Now".

Still from their stay in Paris, here comes another update from T-ara's Hyomin.

She did not share a picture of her but here's a photo showing what she got from Paris so far.

It's another win for T-ara!  The girls weren't present in this week's Music Bank because they are in Paris but prior to that they have recorded a performance for this week's show.  As a result their hard work didn't go to waste as they have won this week's K-Chart.  Congratulations T-ara!

Check out their "Lovey Dovey" performance from Music Bank below.

From "E-Pop" magazine, here are T-ara's scans.

Check out their beautiful photos below.

It's Qri and Boram in Paris and they continue to spread the Love~

Check out their lovely photo below where Qri also added, "in Paris^^ Bonjourー"

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