T-ara's photos taken inside the plane were recently revealed and it has gotten a lot of different reactions from the fans.

The photos were said to be taken while they were on their way to Paris for Music Bank but most importantly, could you guess who revealed these photos?  It was their caring manager. ^^

Check out T-ara's photos below.

As revealed from earlier posts, T-ara Hyomin will appear on the Chinese version of "We Got Married".  She will be paired with Fu XinBo singer/actor who is part of the Chinese boy band named "BoBo".

The show is scheduled to be aired on the 14th of February in China and you can watch their preview here.

Before that, check out Hyomin and Fu XinBo's newest photos first..

After watching Jiyeon's cuts from Dream High 2's Episode 5, here's what we can expect from their 6th Episode which will be aired tonight.

Showbiz Korea has recently revealed the Top 7 Female Artists chosen by their Foreign Viewers and from the results of it T-ara has secured the 7th spot.

Check out the clip below and see if you will agree with the overall ranking.

Following their fancams and photos, here's the Making Film of "Dream High 2" which features the cute and adorable side of T-ara's Jiyeon.

Along with the other cast, check out the next clip below and prepare to receive a dose of Jiyeon's cuteness.

If you're a new fan or with just one look you would have thought that T-ara's Boram is the youngest among them but nope, she's already 27 years old.

Yes, this beautiful and charming lady is and she expressed her thoughts about her age by saying, "27 years old... but with a mind that still needs to mature, to everyone who adores and always gives warm words of encouragement to the Rambbo who is still very lacking. And to everyone who leaves Rambbo cute and lovely mentions. Thank you so much seriously. Even though I'm old please continue to adore Rambbo even more in the future (๑′ㅅ‵๑) Heh♥.

Her age doesn't really show, right? In fact she can pass as T-ara's maknae anytime. ^^

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