What did T-ara's Qri ate in Japan?

Posted by nearnine February 17, 2012

T-ara is currently in Japan for the promotion of "Roly Poly" their 3rd Japanese single.

They are busy with their activities there but here's an update from T-ara's Qri who revealed what she has just ate by sharing, "I ate love♥".

Meanwhile, T-ara has just won this week's Music Bank, making it their 4th win for "Lovey Dovey".

They might have stopped promoting "Lovey Dovey" but that wouldn't stop them from winning!

For this week T-ara faced FT Island for Music Bank's K-Chart, in the end it was T-ara who emerged victorious giving them another win from Music Bank.


Meanwhile T-ara is currently busy with their promotions in Japan.

Want some proof on how fascinated these girls were after learning that they also have fans in Europe?

Here it is, and I'm sure you would recognize one of the fans in this video because he has shared his photos with the girls to us here.

Check out Hyomin, Soyeon and Eunjung's interaction with their European fans below~

Recently T-ara's Hyomin, Soyeon and Eunjung expressed how fascinated they were to receive sign requests from their fans in Europe.  Some of those fans were generous to share their photos with us and you can view their photos here and here.

Now another lucky and happy fan, Mr. Ruben and his friend who are both from Spain has sent their photos for us to share and here they are.

Check out their photos with T-ara's Hyomin and Soyeon below~

These photos were from Mr. Ruben of Spain and here's a short fan account from him.
We're from Spain ^^
We went to the K-pop Festival Music Banck in Paris, and it was AWESOME!

but, next day at the morning, visiting park of Tour Eiffel I met T-ara's Hyomin and Soyeon. They were really really kind with us, they asked "us where are we from?" and more things. They're really cute! ^^ She susprised because we recognized them, but we said them we had seen the night before at Bercy, and they became very happy.
All took some photos!

It was a prefect moment ><
However, we didn't have got a piece of paper and a pen T__T I haven't got their autograph... It was awful!But Eunjung was already in the car, and we didn't say to her to come with us T__T poor, she was injured... so, she didn't take a photo with us.

T-ara has started their promotions for "Roly Poly" their 3rd Japanese Single in Japan!

Check out their cuts from Fuji TV's "Asiaholic" below.

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