After pleasing their fans in Paris, its now time for their Korean and International fans to enjoy the show!

KBS' "Music Bank in Paris" has been aired in Korea today and you can now watch T-ara's performance from the event below.

Once you let T-ara's Jiyeon into your heart, there's no way out!

And she's back with another lovely photo to captivate you.  Check out Jiyeon's captivating SelCa below.

"Eye Contact~! Ppyororong!"

KBS' "Music Bank in Paris" will be finally aired tonight at 11:05PM KST and while waiting for it here are T-ara's Hwayoung and Hyomin at the reception party of the said event.

Check out their photos below along with the other artists who were present in this event.

The filming of "Queen Insoo" might have ended a few weeks ago but here are more of T-ara Eunjung's photos.

Check out Eunjung's photos with Baek Sung Hyun below.

T-ara's past photos from Japan have just been revealed and you can check them out below.

T-ara at a Japanese restaurant

T-ara at Prosoycrab

Yesterday, February 17th, SPEED successfully made their first broadcast performance of "Lovey-Dovey Plus" on KBS 2TV's "Music Bank".

Their seniors, T-ara weren't able to catch it live but they managed to watch it through replay while they are in Japan and after watching it was revealed that the girls had a video call with their juniors, SPEED.

T-ara's Hyomin gave them advice on their choreography and facial expressions and the group also commented, "They did a good job on their first stage. 5dolls Hyoyoung was also full of charm during the stage".

While the group SPEED said, "We want to work a bit harder for our next performance on SBS "Inkigayo" so we can show a perfect image of ourselves."

T-ara got their 4th win on "Music Bank" this week, but could not attend because of their Japanese activities.

Meanwhile here is SPEED's "Lovey-Dovey Plus" performance which featured Hwayoung's twin sister and CoEd member Hyoyoung.

T-ara is in Japan right now but here's Eunjung's note which she wrote during their stay in Paris.

Eunjung revealed, "There's no one to receive it... it's neither a postcard nor a letter, it's a letter I suddenly wrote on a memo note* A letter I wrote while tearing my hair out and whining.. alright. See you soon. Keukeukeul...ㅋㅋ".

What's written on the note:
Hello, how are you?
I feel great today (literally this morning).
I really like here, Paris ^^
I'll be back soon...
Um... Good luck, have a nice day ! )

And yes, this is Eunjung's newest profile pic on twitter.

T-ara's Eunjung and Hyomin had a fun time last night to release their stress after finishing their schedules.

The two had a fun playful time and here's Hyomin who shared, "Taking a rest on the bed after completing schedules. Passionately took pictures for me since I looked like a leopard from Kilimanjaro today. We're like a couple who came for our honeymoon, had a fun time honghong~~~^^".

Eunjung took Hyomin's photos and in return she also took a photo of Eunjung and labeled it "The look of passionate photographer Ham.." to which Eunjung replied with, "Found my purpose in life yesterday..... the fun of taking pictures of you since trainee days.... quite pleasing♥ Kyaaaaa".
Hyomin looked like a leopard from Kilimanjaro?  It's up for you to decide because she also shared a photo of the leopard saying, "This..?" and in reply Eunjung wrote, "I told you. I thought I was taking pictures of an animal at first ... ⊙_⊙ Worked so hard....... ㅋㅋ" and "Right!!! I said I thought I was taking pictures of an animal at first....*_*ㅋㅋㅋ".

Last night T-ara won their 4th consecutive win on KBS' Music Bank but because of their promotions in Japan they weren't able to receive the award personally.

But that wouldn't stop them from celebrating as well as thanking their fans for all the love and support!

The girls expressed, starting from Soyeon who wrote, "Thank you ceremony shots !! ♥" followed by "T-ara's "Lovey Dovey" 4 consecutive Music Bank wins!☆ Thank you~ㅜㅜ(touched to tears*) We were unavoidably absent for the live broadcast due to another schedule and so we feel really regretful for that, we also feel very apologetic heuk heuk uploading shots of our thank you ceremony from being in an excited state and from being completely touched♥ We'll work hard! ^^".

Later on Soyeon corrected herself by saying, " I didn't mean consecutive, everyone ^^;; Teen Top had a win in the middle^^ heheh .. I was too excited hehe;; (Edit)"

Boram also cutely wrote, "٩(-̮̮̃ㅅ-̃)۶So.touched٩(-̮̮̃ㅅ-̃)۶", while Hyomin interjected with, "Ehehradiya" and "Assarabiyakkanddabiya".

Eunjung also expressed her feelings by saying, "A day where I feel thankful and happy to be a T-ara member ㅠㅠ Jiyeon-ah, it's a shame you couldn't do it with us... thank you!!!!" and continued with "I wasn't able to participate very much during Lovey-Dovey promotions due to unavoidable circumstances but.. I'm really! thankful to the members who lit the stage brilliantly....thanks to them, there were such good results like these... keukeukeukeul! :D iiing, I like T-ara ♥ what do I do?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ".

It's really a pity that Jiyeon can't be with them because of her "Dream High 2" filming, but on a good note Congratulations to T-ara for getting their 4th win on Music Bank!

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