Valentine's Day has passed but the love doesn't stop there because the Chinese version of We Got Married has finally aired and that means we can now watch Hyomin and Fu XinBo's love story.

Check out Hyomin and XinBo's cuts below.

If you have been watching "Dream High 2", I'm sure you have always wanted to listen to the full version of this track.

It has now been released and you can now listen to Jiyeon, Ailee and Hyorin's "Superstar".

Additionally you can buy it on iTunes!

Last February 1st, T-ara held their Volunteer Event for the elderly.

After delivering the goods they also had a feeding session which was sponsored by Gibalhan Chicken, the brand that they are currently endorsing.

Check out more of T-ara's photos from this event below.

Prior to the release of T-ara's 3rd Single in Japan on the 29th of February, their company has opened their Collab Cafe, the cafe called "Cafe Manduka" has opened today beside Tower Records at Shibuya and they have placed T-ara's "Roly Poly" posters there.  This promotion will only last until the 5th of March.

T-ara's posters has totally invaded the shop and you can check them out below.

Last February 15th, Eyewear brand 'Look Optical' held their "Another Dream Party" event, an event that is part of the brand's project which aims to help patients who suffered from facial burns.

Featuring their endorsers T-ara and 2PM, the event has successfully ended last night and here are some of their photos.

It seemed that something was bothering T-ara's Eunjung as she went and expressed, "I thought that living kindly was the right thing but I feel like I've become one of those stones that get kicked around from place to place above the earth. A stone that seems the most suitable for getting kicked around by the tip of a shoe. I gather my two hands together and pray in hopes that I'll step on evil and stand tall. Tremble tremble. 'Please allow me to understand the world better.' Being a wise mother is great but since my dream is becoming a person of great character" through her twitter.

Thankfully Hyomin replied to comfort her and said, "^^ Look at the sky while taking deep breaths and also... try thinking that the sky is blue because of unni!!!"

Following this, T-ara's Eunjung replied to Hyomin by saying, "That's the best saying out of all famous sayings... ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ ah ah Hyomin-ahhh ㅜㅡㅜ we..we.. sob sob".

These two are so lovely~♥

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