T-ara's Boram and her charming photos

Posted by nearnine February 21, 2012

Can we say that T-ara's Boram is like a box of chocolates, that we never know what we're gonna get?

She has been showering us lately with her lovely SelCas and here she goes again.

Check out the newest pair of Boram's pretty and charming photos below.

"Boram: Shalalala♥"

T-ara continues their "Roly Poly" promotions in Japan!

This time its from the whole group as Jiyeon has finally joined them as well as Eunjung who seemingly recovered from her injury.

Check out T-ara's interview and "Roly Poly" performance from "OhaSta" below.

If last night's episode was not enough for you, don't worry because there's gonna be another one tonight and here's what you can expect from it. The question is who has fallen for whom?

Check Dream High 2's Episode 8 Preview with T-ara's Jiyeon below.

T-ara's Hwayoung who is now 20 years old this year recently reflected about her age and expressed, "Since I've become an adult I need to change. For a 20 year old, immature actions aren't tolerated anymore and I need to have a more mature mindset while thinking of the future. There are a lot of people who love me and who are watching over me, let's hang in there Hwayoung-ah!!"

Prior to this Hwayoung and Hyoyoung had a playful conversation on Twitter, I don't think that's immature, they were just having fun! ^^

T-ara's Boram is not only back with a new set lovely photos but she's also back to ask, "Do you not miss me?(✪ㅅ✪)*".

I'm sure your answer is... So let's check out Boram's cute photos below.

"Boram: Jumping.around♠"

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