T-ara may not have performed today on jTBC's "Music on Top" but here are their cute and funny cuts from the show's "X-File" segment that will definitely make up for it.

Why are they not giving any food to Jiyeon?  Just kidding! ^_^, check it out and see for yourselves.

T-ara's Boram is now back in Japan after a short trip to Korea today.

Earlier Boram expressed, "Came to Korea for a bit due to schedules, how is Korea's weather so warm and nice like this.(..◜ㅅ◝..)hing" while Eunjung also added, "I know right!! It's so nice.... ".

She's now back in Japan and here's another lovely pair of SelCas from her with the message, "On the way back to Japan again. Korea, goodbye for a while(′ㅅ‵)♥//".

Lately, a girl group ranking made by a netizen has grabbed the attention of the fans.

T-ara was placed in the 3rd position in the list that was said to be based on the domestic and overseas activities of the girl groups.

Favoritism aside, I think T-ara really deserved to be on that spot or maybe higher?  But if there would be a ranking about the professionalism, variation of concepts, beauty, talent and such, I think T-ara would definitely be on the top of that list.

Check out the rankings below and share your thoughts about it.

Along with "Roly Poly", the Japanese version of "Lies" is also included in T-ara's 3rd Japanese Single.

They also made a PV for it and they have just revealed the teaser for it.

Here's what we could expect from the next episode SBS E!'s "Pretty Boys for T-ara".

Check out T-ara's newest batch of pictures below..




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