g.o.d's "One Candle" and its relation to T-ara

Posted by nearnine February 27, 2012

T-ara's Boram recently shared through twitter, "Our T-ara who became one hearing g.o.d's "One Candle"ㅡ When you're tired and having a hard time, lean on me I'll always stand by your side So that you'll never think that you're alone, I'll hold your hand ㅡ ".

Prior to that Boram wrote g.o.d. in capital letters that's why Hyomin corrected her by saying, "Write in lowercase. Our god oppas" followed by Eunjung who said "Yeah this is the right way!!!!! then "Kyeokyakyakyakyakyak".

After that Boram replied to Hyomin by saying, "Ah I rewrote it using lowercase after Gwihyomi-nim pointed it out (◔ㅅ◔)づ".

T-ara is currently busy with their promotional activities in Japan but despite that one of their member has to go back and forth between Korea and Japan to complete her other schedules.

That's T-ara's Jiyeon who is currently busy filming for "Dream High 2" and coming from Japan here are her lovely photos from Incheon airport which were taken a day ago.

Name it, they are on it!  The sad thing on this one is Eunjung's absenc as she did not make it for this magazine.

Check out T-ara's snapshots from Japan's "Big Comic" magazine below~

Here are T-ara's scans from Japan's "Ray Magazine".

Check out their lovely photos below.

Paris is already a beautiful place as it is but it has just become more beautiful with these lovely ladies.

Check out T-ara's photos from their pictorial in Paris below..

With just two days before T-ara's 3rd Japanese Single hits the stores in Japan here comes their promotional truck roaming around.

Check out the cool truck below.

If you haven't preordered yet, you can buy T-ara's "Roly Poly" 3rd Japanese single here.

T-ara's Hyomin has once again shared her talent in photography.

Check out the beautiful scenery from Japan through Hyomin's eyes.

Last night T-ara's Qri greeted her fans with a set of lovely photos.  Before going to sleep she expressed, "Fans!! Sweet dreams。☆"

Check out Qri's beautiful photos below.

T-ara is turning three this year and they are planning to celebrate it with a bang!

Their 3rd year anniversary which will be on July 29th is almost just around the corner and with that T-ara has announced their plans of releasing an album, creation of official fan club and having a big concert this summer.

Core Contents Media's CEO, Kim Kwangsoo revealed, "Coming in early July, T-ara has plans to create an official fan club and meet fans with a new album. After that, at the end of July, T-ara will have a grand concert to mark their third anniversary since debut".

He also continued with, "Already this year, T-ara was able to become a Triple Crown winner with 'Lovey-Dovey' and are feeling good. Because of their fan club and official first concert, they're nervous and excited for July to come."

In addition to that, Kim Kwangsoo revealed "This year, T-ara will take a break from acting to focus on recording new music and focus on a more vigorous schedule in Japan" he also added that last year T-ara spent about 10% of their time promoting in Japan. This year, they plan to spend 30% of their time on Japanese promotions.

Meanwhile T-ara is currently in Japan promoting "Roly-Poly" their 3rd Japanese single release.

Held last January 25th in Japan, the Korean International Style Show has been finally aired in Korea last February 26th.

Check out T-ara's "Cry Cry" performance from this event below.

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