Following T-ara's photos for "Gibalhan Chicken"  here comes their making film from the set of their pictorial and upcoming CF.

Check out T-ara's making film below.

Still remember Yoon BaekHee?  That's Eunjung's character from the first season of "Dream High".

Recently her Polaroid pictures from the said drama have been revealed and you can now browse those adorable photos below.

From T-ara's 3rd Japanese Single "Roly Poly" here are their photo cards. 

Scroll down and check out the photo card of your favorite member.

Just like T-ara's Soyeon, Hwayoung also did not forget today's special event, its South Korea's March 1st Movement.

She went on and shared, "The Kore~an flag is fluttering~~ in the wind~ ahhhh~~ I want to hang up the Korean flag too~ pu...." along with this adorable photo.

Today, March 1st, South Korea celebrates the March 1st Movement, an event that happened back in the year 1919 where the Koreans displayed their resistance to the Japanese invasion.

And with today's event here's T-ara's Soyeon who did not forget it by expressing, "Today's the day we hang up the Korean flag♥  Now now I'll pass them out so let's hoist them up together kyaah ~ When I was little I used to follow what my grandmother did, going through much effort to always hang them up in front of the front gate... whenever I did that, my grandmother told me stories of our proud ancestors.. hoot*".

For today Soyeon and Hyomin both changed their display pictures into South Korea's flag.

On a side note Soyeon also shared, "I keep dreaming of puppies...* I kept saying I wanted to play with newborn puppies for some time now, wanting to see a baby puppy with a fat belly, asking if there's any newborn puppies anywhere that smell like powered milk whenever you kiss them, saying Kim Maro is too big...; Going on about how (Kim Maro) doesn't give off the smell of powered milk....; even though (Kim Maro) has a fat belly...;"

Remember this cute puppy? Her name is Kim Maro and she's Soyeon's "dongsaeng". ^^

Today, March 1st, T-ara delighted their Japanese fans with a "surprise concert" in front of Shibuya-109.

The event was related in the renewal-open of Moussy, a clothing brand.  Check out T-ara's photos from this event below.

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