T-ara's Boram is back to take our hearts away with her newest photo.'

Check out her beautiful and stunning photo below.

She's just so adorable and words are not enough to describe her.

Following their surprise performance in Shibuya looks like T-ara's next schedule that day was their recording for Japan TV's "Sennyuu! Real Scope".

If you haven't eaten yet, I bet this next clip would make you more hungrier as they talked about the foods that they like during the show.

From the 2011 Billboard Japan Awards which was held today, the girls of T-ara were awarded the "Top Artists of 2011" award along with JuJu, AKB48 and Avril Lavigne.

Congratulations to T-ara!!!

Check out this next clip below wherein they also performed "Roly Poly" after their short conversation.

Announcing their arrival in Korea is Hyomin who shared, "After completing all of our schedules in Japan. Finally arrived in Korea~~~~ The weather is so niceᆞ!!!!!!".

In addition to that she also shared, "The last place we visited yesterday, the T-ara cafe in Shibuya~ Admiring our pictures that were hung up prominently all around while drinking coffee... well we didn't want to do that ^0^ So we only took proof shots together and scattered away~" along with her pictures from the cafe.

Check out T-ara's cuts from the Japanese TV show "Hetappi King" where they performed "Bo Peep Bo Peep" while at the same time being drawn by the participants of the show.

Don't miss their performance as well as their cute drawings below.

Taken from one of their schedules in Japan, here's T-ara Eunjung's beautiful photo.

Check out her photo below where she posed brightly for the camera.

T-ara's Hwayoung is back with another cute and bizarre photo which she loves taking.

Along with it was her message to their fans, "See you next time Japanese fans~!!!Over~there, Nao(?) who's in the middle of saying goodbye..Bye to you too Nao... ing ㅠ"

Here comes more of Jiyeon's loveliness from the filming of "Dream High 2".

Looks like YooJin and Lian have become much closer now? Check out their photos below.

T-ara continues to promote "Roly Poly" in Japan and here are their cuts from a Japanese TV show.

(No Jiyeon again)

Individually introducing themselves in a cute and adorable manner, check out their next clip below.

Looks like T-ara's Boram and Hyomin had a delicious snack last night!

Boram went on and shared, "I was in a calm mood, then thanks to these cute pink macaroons, my mood went back to being ↑♥ heh heh.As expected, I'm a simple person."

While T-ara's Hyomin shared, "Spending the last night in Tokyo with a tremendous amount of midnight snacks euhahahahoᆞ~ "

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