Who wants some chicken tonight?

Okay, You want it, You got it~ Virtually though because here's T-ara with their promotional photo for "Gibalhan Chicken".

We got a lovely pair here!

Check out T-ara Hwayoung and Qri's newest photos from "t" below.

Wearing her bright colored outfits, T-ara's Jiyeon is back to brighten up your day with her photo from their Hi-Mart pictorial.

Check out Jiyeon's lovely photo below.

Coming from their winning video and performance, here are T-ara's photos from the 2011 Billboard Japan Awards. where they were recognized as one of the "Top Artists of 2011".

Check out their photos below.

Gracing the March issue of Japan's K Star Magazine are the lovely girls of T-ara, less Jiyeon who didn't make it for this shoot.

Check out their snapshots from the magazine after the cut.

The Queens of K-Pop indeed!

Check out T-ara's scans from Japan's "Big Comic Spirit " magazine.

T-ara's Jiyeon is definitely not an egoist who only cares about herself, maybe her character in Dream High 2 but not in real life just like this fashion magazine which does not only feature egoistic people.

Check out T-ara Jiyeon's beautiful and lovely scans from "Egoist" magazine below~

If you look at it, It would seem like the members of T-ara have mastered the the art of eating a lot but not gaining weight, that's if there's really an art for that ^^.

Yesterday looks like T-ara's Qri had another festive night as she happily shared, "The house party at Risae's has begun^^ A parade of homemade cooking♡".

That's the right thing to do for our girls, after working hard they really deserve to have some fun!

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